Friday, 31 May 2013

Russel Norman king hits Key

At last someone has the honesty to tell it as it actually is, John Key is a Robert Muldoon reincarnation and he is correct for all Keys behaviours point to it.

Muldoon was like he was, especially in his later years, because he drunk too much fire water, and appearing bombed on the steps of Parliament announcing a early election was simply too much. But hey Key doesn’t have that excuse [I Think]. His problem goes deeper and won’t be fixed by a weekly visit to AA. Even counselling on a full time basis may fail to hit the mark…The Greens released this on Saturday and it’s not hard to accept their view because the facts speak louder than words:  

Saturday, 01 Jun 2013 | Press Release
The National Government is undermining our democracy by giving special treatment to its special friends, the Green Party said today.
In his key-note AGM speech, Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman took aim at the National Government’s crony capitalism and attacks on democracy.
“John Key’s National Government is arrogant and divisive, and only looking out for their mates,” said Dr Norman.
“If you want to be Prime Minister of this country you have got to work for everybody, not just for some.
“Under National, New Zealand is a country of crony capitalism where public money and benefits are showered on those who have the ear of the relevant minister.
“National abolished democracy in Canterbury to enable big dairy to increase pollution of rivers and aquifers. National rigged the tender process, handing SkyCity a sweet deal to build a national convention centre. National stopped protest at sea, after Shell Oil complained about protesters.
“Crony capitalism is not a smart way to run a Government or an economy. It sends the signal to businesses everywhere that the real money to be made in this economy is through lobbying Government for sweet deals, not by honest, hard work.
“This erosion of democracy and human rights matters. But it also matters because it is at the heart of every other economic, environmental and social debate we face as a nation.
“The Green Party believes that ordinary people should have a say in decision making in this country – ordinary people should have power.
“That’s why the Green Party will fight to restore our democracy.
“In Government, the Green Party will immediately restore democracy to Canterbury. We will close the door to lobbyists and special interests. We will keep politics honest by restoring public input to law making.
“National wants to take from us our collective belief that together we can create a better New Zealand, but we will not let them,” Dr Norman said.

The latest Fairfax Media-Ipsos poll shows 43.5 per cent of voters have a lower opinion of his [Key’s] truthfulness after a year of brain fades, and almost as many say their opinion of his trustworthiness has dropped in recent times.

The same poll also asked people for the first time whether it was time for a change of government - and 49.1 per cent said yes. That was surprising because even some people who said they would vote for National thought it was time for a change.

The poll asked voters whether their opinion of the Government and the Opposition had gone up, stayed the same or gone down recently, and revealed opinion toward the Government had moved markedly downwards.

Even people who voted National in the last election were revising their opinions of him downward, Mr Stuart said.
"Of course voters for other parties feel even less impressed lately toward John Key, but it are the lukewarm results amongst his party faithful that sound a warning."
Robert, a pensioner questioned by our pollsters, said he voted National last time but would vote Labour in 2014.
"I don't like the current prime minister, he seems like a dictator."
Another voter who supported National in 2011 said she was now reconsidering her vote.
"I think John Key has been shooting his mouth off without due consideration."

So I think the Greens have hit the nail on the head, scored a bulls eye and who knows soon the Labour Party may even start to tell it has it is…and develop more backbone and lets hope the Maori Party see the writing on the wall…the time has come for a realignment toward democracy, its too late for Act and Peter Dunne well who knows who he’ll stick with, but it will be whoever pays the highest wage…


Gerald Tait said...

Thank you for that post Peter. One of your most encouraging, and I shall be forwarding it to friends.

Wheeler's Corner NZ said...

Thanks Gerald your intelligence is wonderful...have a good weekend...Peter.