Friday, 28 February 2014

The Week that was

1. Key books an armed drone…Obama says OK Bro.

2. Top National intellectuals mobilised.

3. Bill English caught being deceitful yet again.

4. Police Minister appoints failure to top job.

6. More Nats jump sinking ship.


Right at this minute the PM is on the secret phone to his golfing buddy Obama asking that a drone be made available for John Key’s personnel use. Key wants it armed and ready to go once he gives the word…right now he has called on his school buddy, now boss of the GCSB Ian Fletcher, to arrange for Matt McCarten [pictured] and Kim Dotcom to be lured into a meeting in the middle of Lake Taupo, under the pretense of meeting a whistle blower, who has the deep inside info on the Prime Ministers affair with the Minister of XXXX, and who is willing to disclose all. Once out on the lake the boat will suddenly explode after being struck by a US drone…

The drone issue was brought on by the appointment of Matt McCarten as Chief of Staff to Labours David Cunliffe. This immediately sent the National party planners into a tail spin…”God they thought this McCarten chap might actually attack us, he even has a column in the Herald, gosh and he lives in Auckland…hence the drone plan was hatched and arranged.

 Using the superb team of National Party intellectuals whom have now been embedded in our various main stream media organisations the mass media will be fed the story that the boat exploded because of a fuel leak… Naturally right wing media spokespersons like Paul Henry, Matthew Hooton, Cameron [Whale-Oil] Slater, Mike Hoskins, David Farrar, Liam Hehir, Karl du Fresne, Luigi Wewege, Jim Mora, Steven Franks, Patrick Gower and the Auckland Heralds entire political staff, will be fed the required doctored information to distribute via the print and news media. The PM has instructed that individual cheques be issued and that each person go into a draw for a holiday for two in Hawaii…

Bill English was caught out knowingly using false figures to suggest that poverty amongst our children was not as bad as various organisations thought, it had been suggested that at least 25% of all children were living in poverty, this figure had been quoted by the Salvation Army, Child Poverty Action Group plus many others…Bill English used figures supplied by his and other government departments to suggest that this was all just a left-wing plot…and he got very good coverage from his pet media. But alas suddenly the truth was revealed…it wasn’t 25% it was closer to 28% and that means that a further twenty thousand children can be added to the list of those living in poverty… Has the Minister apologised…will pigs fly? Has the media apologised…will snakes grow legs? Will the Minister of poverty [Paula Bennett] carry on with her weight loss plan? Who knows and who cares? This from CPAG:

Child poverty figures for 2010, 2011 and 2012 have been significantly revised upwards.  The new figures show 25,000 more children living below the very low 50% (after housing costs) poverty line.  CPAG’s economics spokesperson, Dr Susan St John says, “This shows the failure of government policies to protect the poorest children during the recession and subsequent sluggish economic recovery.”
St John says, “CPAG was puzzled in 2010 that the numbers produced by the Ministry of Social Development did not fully reflect what was reported in the community and what social agencies were saying.  It seemed implausible that lower incomes were not to blame for the increased numbers of people seeking help from food-banks and budgeting agencies.”

Ann Tolley the latest Minister of Police has announced that Deputy Police Commissioner Mike Bush is to be the new Police boss. Now the name Mike Bush won’t mean a lot to most New Zealanders, unless you are related to Arthur Allan Thomas, he was the chap falsely convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, because a corrupt cop planted evidence at the crime scene and that evidence was the major reason why the policy illegally won or jacked up a conviction. Now one could be forgiven for thinking that the police would want to blot that nasty bit of criminality out if its sometimes shameful [Pack rape etc] history. But no for along came Mike Bush. Here is what ‘No Right Turn’ wrote: 

“The NZ Police have been having trust issues lately: police rapists, sexism, bullying, dead prisoners, Operation 8 and the Kim Dotcom raid. Not to mention an apparent inability to do the most basic tasks, and a culture of denial about all of it. Faced with that problem, you'd expect the next police commissioner to be someone who would present an image of culture change, who would add credibility to the Police's claims that they had learned and really were different now.
Instead, National has appointed Mike Bush - the man who infamously eulogised and made excuses for former police officer Bruce Hutton, otherwise known as "the dirty cop who planted evidence to get Arthur Allan Thomas locked up for a crime he didn't commit". So much for rebuilding trust…”

David Farrar, a National Party hack, is so backward that he thinks that Deputy Police Commissioner Mike Bush the idiotic police boss who praised a outright and convicted crooked policeman [Bruce Hutton] as “A hero and absolutely trustworthy, when that bent policeman was found guilty of PLANTING evidence to convict Allan Arthur Thomas. Farrar then went on as he always does to publish the Police Ministers PR spin press release about the qualities of Mike Bush for the job of Police Commissioner. But National always knows best…after all they made John Banks the Minister of police once…think about it how bad was that… 

National Party MP’s have been fleeing the sinking ship at a rapid rate, and they are leaving safe national seats…Tony Ryall, the coloured shirt and tie man with the bald head and shady look is the latest to jump ship. He joins Jackie Blue, Jacqui Dean, sacked Aaron Gilmore, dumped Minister Kate Wilkinson, Katrina Shanks, Chris Auchinole, Phil Heatley, Chris Tremain, Cam Calder, Paul Hutchison,  Eric Roy, and four others but I just can’t put my finger on just who:

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