Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Biggest Question you face...

The choice is yours on the 26th of  November 2011
 The biggest question facing NZ today is simple, “Do we continue down the track of believing the crap dished out by the government in defence of the wealthy, or do we believe in our own eyes as we look around our communities”.
Goff called Key a liar and the media say that’s not on, well I beg to differ…since Key is a liar what’s wrong with saying so. He lied over GST, he lied over a cap on the public service, he lied over what our SAS are doing in Afghanistan, so he is a liar, there is no question about that and that is a fact.  
The Manawatu Standard published a weekend splash about Goff and Key and it was about as balanced as my left foot, they covered fully Goff’s working life but when it came to Key they left out his working life and his working life was built on producing nothing other than collecting fees and bonuses from handling money.
As we all know those working near the top of the finance industry both here and overseas, are now shaking in their boots as their victims start to fight back. Over one million citizens in the US have closed their bank accounts with companies Key used to work for in just the last month alone.
No matter what spin you put on it the Nats are for the rich, their tax changes prove that point, their main selling point…They have laid-off thousands of public service workers and driven hundreds or thousands overseas.
Right now people the world over are trying to break the chains and create a more equal world. Naturally they are starting in their own backyards, We are the same, why should we bail out the private and corporate CEO’s, because nearly all our debt is private debt.
in the US the Occupy Movement has become unstoppable, they asked citizens to close their bank accounts with the corrupt big banks and a million people did so in the first three weeks. Credit Unions and community banks are being swamped by new depositors.

McKelvie, farmer or banker? 
 The Greek people have told their Government, NO MORE, they want those that caused the problems to pay their fair share, they are sick of bailing out the greedy.
The Nats want us to sell our assets to save private and corporate failures.
So what can you do? Firstly don’t vote National or Act, if you do then be prepared to get more of the same…unemployment, bailing out corporates and poorly run companies, and having our assets sold off.
McKelvie the Mayor of Manawatu District is a clear example of this misuse of the peoples money, he gifts land to the Manfield Trust, they mismanage those funds, and then McKelvie using ratepayers money buys back the debt…how stupid is that. And this is the guy selected by the Nats for the safe seat of Rangitikei…what’s next…
Who should you vote for? That’s over to you to select from the remaining parties contesting the election. Just remember Key never got rich by caring about the unemployed, poor, solo Moms. He got rich by making the rich richer and the clear evidence was his gift to the rich with a thousand dollar a week tax cut, while increasing GST to pay for that gift. It was a gift no matter how you look at it.


Madalene Frost, Taihape said...

The question was aked "Who should you vote for in Rangitikei?" Well its a foregone conclusion according to MSL's Stacey Kirk in the Central Districts Times (Page 1, 15 November 2011): "...many people have already picked Manawatu District Mayor Ian McKelvie to trot comfortably to the finish line in Rangitikei on election day>" Six years of Social Credit tenure by Bruce Beetham is brushed of by Ms Kirk as just "a blip on the [National Party stronghold] timeline." And Josie Pagani is trivialised: "She might seem fresh faced down these parts..."

When did it become the news media's role to create the news rather than simply report it?

Please tell us Stacey, what polling/canvassing you did to come to the conclusion that McKelvie will trot comfortably into the seat of Rangitikei? What proportion of the population believe this; how was your assessment conducted; what was the size of the sample; what is the margin of error?

Nor, Stacey has your newspaper seen fit to publish a local reader's letter sent in time for the same edition, on alternatives to National's policy of ignoring the plight of 200,000 children living in poverty under their watch; young people dying from Bronchiectasis - a third world disease seven times more prevalent than in Findland, the only other developed country with this disease; John Key and Bill English making the top decile of New Zealanders 25% richer in their first term of office.

So hey, if you don't like McKelvie, don't bother to vote folks - according to Stacey you can't win! Let him and his ilk carry on polluting our mighty rivers and spreading their racist clap trap. After all that is all we plebs deserve.

Madalene Frost, Taihape said...

On second thoughts perhaps I will vote. For Peter Cleave of the MANA movement perhaps? He seems interested in the plight of the plebs in the rural hinterland of Rangitikei. Yes I WILL vote for Dr Cleave and I'll give my party vote to MANA. They couldn't stuff up Aotearoa any more than McKelvies lot have over their many tenures in Rangitikei since 1938; nor than Labour did when it sold off the assets in the 80s and when they stood by and let their cops lock four young children in a hot tin shed at Ruatoki in 2008 for four hours with no food, water or toilet facilities.