Saturday, 26 November 2011

An Interesting three years ahead...

The election is over [thank God says some] and I’m inclined to agree in some respects. The citizens have made up their minds, well at least most of them have. Baby kissing by John Key can be put away for another three years, patting dogs and other hairy beings can be forgotten as a thing of the past. Hidden things can once again be discussed like prior to becoming PM key was a director for Deutsche Pacific formerly Bankers Trust based in the Cook Islands for tax purposes…this mob aided and abetted those wishing to avoid paying NZ and other taxes paid by you and I… Recently the Treasury appointed Deutsche Bank as the Crown's Financial Advisor for preparatory work it is doing to extend the mixed ownership model [selling off State Assets] to four State Owned Enterprises. Treasury's General Manager John Crawford said:
"We are pleased to be working with Deutsche Bank and Craig’s Investment Partners who were selected after a rigorous assessment process from a strong line up of credible candidates."
 A strong line of credible candidates, yeah right…some would call it “INSIDE TRADING”.
Elections are full of misconceptions and even darn-right lies and thousands of half-truths. Like asking for the party vote, except in Epsom or Ohariu, and the Maori seats as John Key did…but hell it’s only an election…its not about policy, its about spin and double standards where Steve Joyce rules the air waves, its about the National Party bloggers employed by the Herald, its about branding, kissing babies. Still it is over now. No doubt the shock return to the house of Winston Peters with eight of his mates and the growth of the Greens will certainly change the balance and make life difficult for John Key and his crew…
it looks as if the voter turnout was only around 70%, the lowest in eighty years…but MMP remains
. The National Cabinet [pictured] will have its work cutout…its going to be an interesting three years.
What’s left of the Maori Party will have to decide where it will head, its party vote in the Maori seats and across the board fell, its supporters gave their party vote to the Mana Party or Labour so they are between, both co-leaders are departing after this term.

“Yes son
“Why couldn’t I vote yesterday?
“You’ve got to be eighteen.
“So I’ve got six years to go.
“That’s true.
“Six years that’s a long time”
“Absolutely, I agree and the younger you are the longer it seems”
“Son could you pass me my battery box off the side board”
“Thanks but I don’t want to miss a word of our chat, you see the word I miss might be the most important…he popped a tiny battery into each of his Sally Whites…right now what was that last question?
“I was saying that Mom said she always votes but it’s just a waste of time”
“Well son as you know your mom and I don’t always agree and I sure don’t agree that voting is a waste of time”
“Mom says that that they don’t keep their promises and she said something that I don’t really understand”
“What’s that son?
“Mom said that they were selling off what we already own and that’s stupid, why is that Granddad?
“Your mom is right about that son…just imagining that you owned your bike and you wanted to go to the school camp. So you sold your bike, went on the school camp and when you came back you rented your bike back”…are you following me son.
“Yeah I can follow that…
“Well in the end it would cost you heaps”
“What would you do Granddad?
“I’d borrow from the money to go on the school camp, and pay that back, it would be a lot less that renting a bike”.
So mom is right about selling my bike just for a week at a school camp would be stupid”
Spot on son…

Sarah Palin

The election is over and we now have a celebrity leader, a Sarah Palin of the south pacific, a wealthy film star dressed as a politician who gives the word flim-flam new meaning  

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