Tuesday, 29 November 2011

One Winner...One Bludger on the tax-paper...

Palmerston North MP Iain Lees-Galloway, he tried to win and did.

This guy was gifted 400 thousand dollars by the tax payer for not winning...its a Ponzi deal...in the best tradition of Merrill Lynch
Palmerston North made a great choice and returned Iain Lees-Galloway [pictured] instead of the John Key look-a-like candidate Leonie Hapeta and Iain increased his margin of victory by almost three hundred percent…so much for the Manawatu Standards editors prediction, he must be feeling awful after all his tales of doom and gloom.
We must never forget that key can only form a government because he had a cup of tea in Epsom with poodle boy John Banks and bribed every ready Peter Dunne
and the oldies gave NZ First a huge boost with eight MP’s including Winston Peters, the other party to lift its support were of course the Greens, so we now have a good balance.
Thank God we’ve got MMP under the old system the Nats would have got 70% of the seats with 47.05% of the vote.
 The media states correctly that this was Labours worst result and that’s true but what they don’t tell you is that National did much, much worse in 2002 when Bill English only got 22.5% of the vote. Still
we now have a second term celebrity film star style leader who I liken to a Sarah Palin of the south pacific, a wealthy film star look-a-like ex-money mover dressed as a politician who gives the word flim-flam new meaning.
 Our question to the PM must be, “Where are the jobs John”…show us the jobs. We know you don’t like MMP…but hell John at least it’s democratic unless you order people like Paul Goldsmith to throw an election by promising him a free ride…
you’ve given him around 400 thousand tax payers dollars…to buy his backing…its almost like a Ponzi deal…or Merrill Lynch all over again. 
The smilling assassin strikes again...

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