Monday, 14 November 2011

Epsom Cafe Tea Cup reading revealed

Banks & Key and magic black bag.

An Eavesdropper friend at the Herald on Sunday sent me this transcript of John Key’s and John Bank’s conversation at a local café in Epsom;
JK “Tea’s nice”.
JB “Yes I agree”
JK “It’s good to kiss baddies, sorry I mean babies”
JB “I agree”
JK “It’s good to see so many of the media here”
JB “I agree”
JK “Is there anything you don’t agree with”
JB “Only if you say it’s OK to disagree”
JK “Brash is a bit of a twit”
JB “I agree”
JK “I doubt I’ll need the Act Party next term”
JB “I agree”
JK “You agree! Are you sure?
JB “Well, you have not told me not to, and orders must be obeyed”
JK “So if you are elected and you bring Don Brash as baggage and since he is your leader you’ll have to obey his orders, is that correct?
JB “I don’t know how to answer that, but I’d sooner obey your orders”.
JK “That’s nice to know”
JB “I agree”.

The rest of the tape is un-publishable because it contains swear words and language of an adult nature, such as the buying of Italian and Greek shares etc from the sale of our assets…and Banks becoming Minister of Nothingness assisting Steven Joyce…etc etc

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Anonymous said...

Thats very funny, I'm glad I found your blog after the meeting last night. Was lovely to meet you, I look forward to reading more... Erika