Thursday, 17 November 2011

Palmerston North, Rangitikei Election Special.

This Week: 1. Election Special Edition…


Ian Mckelvie

Madalene Frost, of Taihape left a comment on my post "The Biggest Question you face...she wrote:
”The question was asked "Who should you vote for in Rangitikei?" Well its a foregone conclusion according to MSL's Stacey Kirk in the Central Districts Times (Page 1, 15 November 2011): "...many people have already picked Manawatu District Mayor Ian McKelvie to trot comfortably to the finish line in Rangitikei on election day>" Six years of Social Credit tenure by Bruce Beetham is brushed of by Ms Kirk as just "a blip on the [National Party stronghold] timeline." And Josie Pagani is trivialised: "She might seem fresh faced down these parts..."
When did it become the news media's role to create the news rather than simply report it?
Please tell us Stacey, what polling/canvassing you did to come to the conclusion that McKelvie [pictured] will trot comfortably into the seat of Rangitikei? What proportions of the population believe this; how was your assessment conducted; what was the size of the sample; what is the margin of error?
Nor, Stacey has your newspaper seen fit to publish a local reader's letter sent in time for the same edition, on alternatives to National's policy of ignoring the plight of 200,000 children living in poverty under their watch; young people dying from Bronchiectasis - a third world disease seven times more prevalent than in Finland, the only other developed country with this disease; John Key and Bill English making the top deciles of New Zealanders 25% richer in their first term of office.
So hey, if you don't like McKelvie, don't bother to vote folks - according to Stacey you can't win! Let him and his ilk carry on polluting our mighty rivers and spreading their racist clap trap. After all that is all we plebs deserves.

Dr. Peter Cleave.

On second thoughts perhaps I will vote…For Peter Cleave [pictured] of the MANA movement perhaps? He seems interested in the plight of the plebs in the rural hinterland of Rangitikei. Yes I WILL vote for Dr Cleave and I'll give my party vote to MANA. They couldn't stuff up Aotearoa any more than McKelvie’s lot have over their many tenures in Rangitikei since 1938; nor than Labour did when it sold off the assets in the 80s and when they stood by and let their cops lock four young children in a hot tin shed at Ruatoki in 2008 for four hours with no food, water or toilet facilities”.

Palmerston North:

What has the present Government done for Palmerston North? The short answer is nothing…Its cut health funding forcing the local health board to introduce parking fees and reducing frontline services, thereby reducing the salary of all hospital staff…its raised GST thereby increasing the cost of food for all citizens both young and old…its failed to maintain our roads while reducing the rail services…its allowed massive pollution of our river to continue…its forced National Standards on our schools and threatened those who question the value of those standards in relation to actual learning…the list seems endless but there is more…they expect our military to hand over prisoners to be tortured, beaten and murdered and break international law while at the same time sacking three hundred of them or reducing their wages and closing camp libraries, now that takes some beating for double standards.

Leonie Hapeta

Iain Lees-Galloway

There isn’t room to mention all the various public servants who have lost their jobs, or Massey support and teaching staff that have lost their jobs. I’ve listened carefully to the Nats candidate Leonie Hapeta [pictured] and all she has done is mouth John Keys bill board promises verbatim…she is not the candidate she pretends to be, she is a cardboard copy of John Key in drag. I’ve checked her press releases and they are simply copies sent out by the Nats/Act HQ…I’ve no doubt Leonie is a nice person but think about it do you simply want yet another John Key clone to represent you…My feeling is that PN should keep the electorate Labour by giving your electorate vote to Labour and your party vote to Mana or the Greens, both those parties appear to have the urgent needs of our electorate of lifting life for those on low wages and those who care about our river and environment. The present PN electorate MP Iain Lees-Galloway has served the city well especially our defence force citizens and those on lower and fixed incomes.

The picture below makes a powerful point and little is needed to understand its meaning other than to make the point that the picture also represents the 1% Vs the 99%, I’ll leave you to decide which one is which…One week to go and the fat lady will sing next Saturday and I make a plea for all vote and make sure your friends do too, why not offer them a ride to the polling booth…

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