Friday, 25 November 2011

Lets Blame the Victim...says NZ Herald

Carmen Thomas a victim not according to Herald spin.
 The Herald sunk to a new low on Saturday suggesting that Carmen Thomas who was dismembered by her ex-partner Brad Callaghan who had been in an abusive relationship with him.
The sick Herald invents a slant that blames the victim and attempts to blame her for Brad Callaghan sick and murderous behaviour. A guy who was not only having a baby with another woman that he wouldn't admit to, but was quite happy to chop her up and put her in concrete buckets and spend a couple of weeks hiding her body. And the paper called him intelligent, intelligent in a murdering psychopathic criminal way. Come on nanny Herald did you reach this stupid conclusion because Carman was a prostitute, so what can’t you understand…prostitution is a legal business these days, an ex Act Party MP owns a brothel for Gods sake.
There is nothing like victimizing the victim. Why not do a item on the so-called intelligent workings of a guy who can cut his murdered victim into bits, set those bits in concrete, bury them, attempt to mislead the police and when caught confess and say what a good boy I am.
His lawyer claimed that if provocation was still on the books that would have been Brad Callaghan’s defence. What was the provocation for cutting up his victim…what next…Will his lawyer tell us next that he was simply using his engineering skills.
I wore a white ribbon on Friday as I’m sure thousands of people did to show we are opposed to violence I can only presume the Herald has never heard of ‘white ribbon day…
The herald item was crap of the highest order

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Well done Pete,
I stand by everything you have said....go for it ....