Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Kim Dotcom Terrorist or benefactor?

Kim Dotcom:

Is he a dangerous terrorist or kind benefactor? That is the question yet to be answered…

Eavesdropper was behind the scene at the High Court; I was serving the tea, coffee and gingernuts and I overheard some interesting conversations that throw a bit of light on the issue.

Conversation one: Police Lawyer and black suited guy wearing dark glasses:

“What am I meant to say to the judge about the FBI during the armed raid on Dotcom” asked the Police lawyer.
“Nothing, you know nothing”, said Dark Shades.
“But you were there, I can’t deny that fact”.
“Was I, I don’t remember if I was or not”, just do a John Banks, muttered Dark shades.
“And is it true that you thought about ‘Water-boarding’ Dotcom until you saw his size”, said the lawyer”.
“No way that interrogation method was only to be used on his security chief”, and besides that, your so-called special squad hasn’t had any special training as yet, its due to be introduced next month”, he added as an afterthought.
“But the search warrants were illegal and you had no right to be there”, said Lawyer trying to win the high moral ground. [If there is such a thing in the FBI]
“Come-on, we don’t need legal warrants we are the FBI, don’t you watch Television”’ said Dark Shades.
“No we don’t have FOX news here”, said the lawyer as he took his coffee and gingernut and departed.

I moved to the next room pushing my trolley as I thought, what was that all about…and why was the guy with the American accent wearing sun glasses inside.

Conversation two: Between another American accented agent and his cell phone listener…so you are only getting a one way conversation, sorry about that.

“It’s not going so well chief…
“Yes, the judge is allowing too many questions from the defence…
“Yes, the police are following instructions…but they are a bit slow.
“Oh you are correct our chances are not looking good.

A long period of silence took place, before he said:

“Yes Sir, I understand that the Hollywood Division is unhappy but the NZ Police used their 70 strong anti-terrorist police officer airborne assault team on the dude’s mansion and you can’t get more God Dam Hollywood than that chief”

The cell phone user suddenly spotted me and slammed his phone shut and said to me, “you heard nothing did you”,
I didn’t get to answer because a young woman came into the room, and asked if she could have a cup of tea…I offered her a gingernut, which she took saying, “since the FBI is paying…thanks.

Well so much for the Trial, but all the workers at the High Court think that Kim Dotcom is really neat, they like his style and I might add so do I.

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