Friday, 31 August 2012

John gets a tickle from Hillary

Future US Citizen? 

John gets a tickle from Hillary:

Like a little puppy Part Time Prime Minister John Key lays on his back, arms and legs splayed and yaps loudly while awaiting his next belly tickle from Hillary Clinton. The first one was given in the White House last year, this second one was at the Pacific Forum meeting in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands two days ago.

After making a opening speech just reeking of anti Chinese rhetoric about how the Chinese are octopus like, ensnaring Pacific Nations with expanding tentacles into a closer relationship by giving them loans and setting up joint ventures.
The Americans have rushed Hillary Clinton off to meet South Pacific leaders.

She sent her pet puppy ahead to prepare the groundwork and John Key simply loves the job. He’s helped her out before to please her Hollywood mates by changing our industrial laws. Later he kissed her hand when he visited the White House trying to sell NZ as a tax haven, he did his usual cringe yet again in the Cook Islands.

According to Key, the Chinese are invading the Island nations via their wallets, while the Americans are liberating, all this so that Hillary Clinton, that model of American Motherhood, yeah right, can scratch his well-fed belly. He seems to have forgotten that the US owes China more than two trillion dollars plus, yes trillion.

If there ever was any doubt that Key plans American citizenship at some stage in the future, it has now been removed. I’m sure he is lining up a job with one of the big but failing banks such as the Bank of America.

At the same time as he displays this subservient childlike behaviour, China grows ever stronger as a trading partner to and with the small South Pacific States and with NZ. Unlike the US China is awash with money. The US which is broke and out-of-work, has ignored the South Pacific for decades but is now seeing the South Pacific as the new battle ground. Not for the peoples good or welfare but for prestige based on nothing more than hot air. They are opening new military bases in the region, and that should give us some concern.

Yet China is our second biggest trading partner, Australia being first, yet we still fight America's Wars, and our soldiers die on their behalf. It is time to hold up our heads and display the signs of being independent once again. If only we could stop our leaders from knelling to the not-so-mighty dollar...

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