Friday, 17 August 2012

Paula Bennett's answer to poverty, Join the Nats.

Paula Bennett, poverty denier. 

Just who is Paula Bennett?

This from the National Party blog site: "Paula lives in Waitakere, West Auckland, and has lived in the City of Sails since 1992. She grew up in Taupo.
Paula raised her daughter single-handedly. She worked in hospitality, secretarial and retail roles. Realising her opportunities were limited without an education; Paula went to Massey University as an adult student. Although she originally studied social work, she ended up with a degree in social policy". Quote ends.

  • We know that she is a member of parliament; we know she represents the national party.

  • We know that she was a solo mum who received the [DPB] benefit for many, many years. So the state help made it possible for her to raise her child.

  • We know she also accepted willingly the ‘training grant to pay for further education. So the state gave her a free education.

  • We now know that she released personal and private information from a confidential file about a beneficiary when that beneficiary complained about her and her department’s behaviour. She has even said, “That she would do it again! So the state failed to prosecute her.

  • We also know that she told fibs about employers in Southland and drug testing of beneficiaries in that area. So we know that she can and does stretch the truth.

  • We know she can’t count because her figures for the possible cost savings of drug testing beneficiaries simply don’t add up and her own department agrees that she is totally wrong. So we have further evidence of her style of truth.

  • We know that there are strong rumours that she will be attending a charter school for wayward MP’s, along with Nick Smith, to improve her woeful mathematically skills. So we have reason to hope that change is possible.

  • We know that her latest stupid statement about people going in and out of poverty on a daily basis was so stupid that the speaker of the house suggested ‘that she was acting like a misbehaving three and a half year old’. So we know that others [the speaker] have like views of her behaviour.

Let’s just think about the logic contained within her idiotic statement: She suggested that once a person got a job…they were out of poverty. So on a Tuesday you have no job and your in poverty. On Wednesday you score a job…zoom you are out of poverty…yeah right Paula…it could only happen to a National Party MP.

She is simply what I call ‘a poverty denier’ of the highest order.
Twenty percent of New Zealand kids live below the poverty line…a fact that Paula Bennett denies with the snake like venom of a climate change denier. And she uses all the PR spin and red-necked crap to get her unintelligent message across.

Is she suggesting that if John Key our part time multi millionaire PM lost his job tomorrow he would be living in poverty? Because that people, is the weird and twisted logic of her argument.

The truth is you grow, or are forced, into poverty, just as you grow, or are lifted out, of poverty, as she was. The fact is that the state spent hundreds of thousands of dollars giving Paula Bennett a hand up.

Another truth is that Paula Bennett actually exists in a different type of poverty, its called ‘intellectual poverty’, a sickness that has grown in her and others as cancer would, it is brought on by a clear and measurable erosion within the brain that leads to a disconnect between the real world and ones own life circumstances and how they got there.

For just as Paula Bennett with the massive and long term assistance of the state climbed out of her poverty, she has now cancelled out any memories of that period and now believes her own PR spin, that she did it on her own. So she is now fully embedded in a new self justified mental state of memory loss and has set about removing those collective and intelligent processes that did and still can assist others in getting out of poverty.

She has removed the rungs on the safety ladder as she climbed that ladder. She is and will remain not a gate through which to pass into a better place but a gate, and a locked one at that, to keep that twenty percent and growing in the poverty trap she pretends to abhor.

As a nation we should stop listening to Paula Bennett’s PR driven words but watch carefully what Paula Bennett does. We also must work hard at finding a cure for the deeply dangerous new illness that affects the brains and vision of our so-called policy makers.

Lastly we should not forget that the Government is without question the highest paid group of beneficiaries in the country and as yet no one has suggested drug testing, salary reductions, penalties for poor performance and memory loss, jail for fraud and false testimony. It is an absolute truth to say that two worlds now exist under National / ACT, one for those in poverty, and one for those who cause and benefit from that poverty.    

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