Friday, 24 August 2012

Putting Bread on the table.

Part Time PM's Brighter Future. 

It is simply amazing how much bull-dust is spoken in Parliament, some National clone asked a patsy question of Bill English last week…and no it wasn’t Ian McKelvie…”Have average householders incomes risen? Bill English stood upright, adjusted his tie and proudly said yes while he looked at the camera. He then rattled his tongue about as he answered further supplementary questions from fellow drones, and yes McKelvie may have been among that lot.
But when asked by the opposition ‘if the median has risen’, he had to admit that it had fallen, and this means that the huge majority of New Zealanders have actually gone backwards. The facts:

  • The top 20% of New Zealanders have got richer in the last year;
  • The next 10% have stayed pretty much the same.
  • Everyone else has gone sharply backwards.

And this is Part Time PM Key’s brighter future promise in action.

Inequality has taken a giant step forward, the gap is wider now than for the last sixty years and poverty and hardship has also jumped into new uncharted depths.

Here is a link to the entire household income report note the top 10% owned 50% of the wealth.  And look at the spike in income of the top 1% just as National was thrown out. 

We are getting poorer by the minute. If ever there was a reason to attend a discussion about the ever growing number of those on the bread line, look no further than the clear evidence of MSD’s latest release on house-hold income. It is a shocker. The Nat’s view of its seriousness and the reasons for this massive backward step and your own may well differ greatly.

The Diocesan Justice Peace and Development Commission in the Diocese of Palmerston North is hosting a public meeting “Our Daily Bread – putting food on the table’, on this very issue. It will be held in the Diocesan Centre Amesbury St Palmerston North on Saturday September 8th between 10am and 1.30pm.

So far speakers from the Labour & National Party, Greens and Mana have confirmed their attendance.

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