Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Dictatorship is the default mode

Creepy dictatorship is the default mode:

Tom Scott hits the nail on the head, and shows via his cartoon, just how rotten and creepy politics has become.

Dunne was created by the Roger Douglas era; he was and still is a politician without principle, which makes him a perfect partner for John Key.

Both he and Key were molded in the same cast. Key made his money by selling off New Zealand dollars on credit and taking a bonus for doing so. He was a middle man, rake-off artist and manipulator, most of his clients went broke with his assistance.

Dunne was like wise a money chaser and changed his colours accordingly so as to gain the biggest salary packet, his spineless behaviour has been practiced with great skill, but like all bluffers he finally got caught out, because of his own stupidity in the use of emails to Andrea Vance with whom he developed are rather strange relationship.

Others found out about the emails, but only one other had all copies and they just happened to be dropped into his briefcase one Monday morning by a good friend named Ian Somebody Or Other.

He read them with a smirk and thought to himself, ‘how can I use this information to my best advantage. What do I need from this funny wee chap Peter Somebody, who forever likes to please those in power and I’m certainly the power these days. I’mmm oh yes I need just one more vote to give me a hell of a lot more power to spy on my enemies and my friends. Enemies like Kim Dot-What’s-his-name and friends like John B who I’ve got wrapped up tight.

But what I want more than anything is absolute obedience, I’ve got that with National, look at how they voted for my Sky City casino deal…I told the Sky City CEO I’d deliver and I did…a deal is a deal…none of this conscience vote grap…only fools have a conscience! And now that Peter Somebody has caved in I’ve got the GCSB changes in the bag…and then I’ll be able to have absolute obedience from the great unwashed.

I’ll really be able to expand my holy vision and pull the puppet strings of Paula, Judith, Hekia,  Steven, Jerry and that loser Bill will all be dead and powerless ducks. All my Christmases will come at once…the US will be so proud of me that they will offer me full citizenship when I move to Hawaii…which means I won't have to pay any God-damn tax.

In his dream world he forgot to consider one word, ‘Disobedience’ and that disobedience starts this Saturday at 2pm in all the major cities… He has united the nation against his egotistical madness. You can’t appoint your best friend to the top job in the GCSB, pretend not to have known about the illegal raid on Kim Dotcom, follow orders from the US Attorney General against the interests of NZ citizens by changing the law to justify illegal behaviour by our stupid overseas controlled spies.

Do you want to be a part of the Disobedience Movement rather than the National obedience team…if so join in while disobedience [protest is still legal]

Auckland - Aotea Square - 2pm-4pm

Hamilton - Garden Place - 2pm-4pm

Napier - Memorial Square - 2pm-4pm

Wellington - Cuba St Bucket Fountain (2pm) then march to The Beehive
(3pm) for speakers - 2pm-4pm

Nelson - iSite, Halifax St - 2pm-4pm

Christchurch - Bridge of Remembrance - 2pm-4pm

Dunedin - The Octagon - 2pm-4pm

Palmerston North – The Square 2pm – 4pm

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