Thursday, 11 July 2013

The truth at last, Secret squirrel's exposed.

Who is this? He is of small build and stature; he loves making sarcastic remarks, is the chief legal adviser to the present government, revels in the sound of his own voice, and represents our government at meetings that discuss Kim Dotcom with his US, Canadian, Australian and English counter parts. One famous comment from his US counterpart was, “first we listen in to them, then we trace them, then we locate them, then we take them out”, and he didn’t mean for a cup of tea, he meant with a bullet, a drone or a bomb. He is Chris Finlayson MP.

Who is person? He looks like an honourable man, a lawyer maybe, a Doctor even. He liked to think he was important, and he was in a strange Kind of way. He too chats to strange bed-fellows about dear Mr. Kim Dotcom. He has good friends in the GCSB to whom he once reported to, illegally as it worked out but he was a key player in the bursting bubble of secret mischief hatched by Chris Finlayson and his leader John Key.
He was at the start simply a police office in over his depth at the deep end of the swimming pool. He of course got drowned. His name Detective Inspector Grant Wormald who had his quarter hour of fame…a light-weight bit player…

Can you remember this wee chap’s face? He was a Kiwi who had worked in London [when the PM worked there as a money trader]. He was the wee bloke whom the PM had the phone number of, but couldn’t remember. He was the bloke the PM rang and offered the top job in the GCSB to, but can’t remember doing so. But why is he important you may ask…well he got the job…and he is now New Zealand’s top secret squirrel…amazing really, no spy background, no military back ground. But in his favour he did go to school with guess who…John Key. He did have the odd smoke behind the bike shed with John Key. No doubt they would have got up to other mischief that can’t be revealed here. His name is Ian Fletcher and his job ‘to clean up the messes left behind by the plot that failed.

The top two were given the task to ‘take out’ Kim Dotcom because John Key had agreed and told US President Barrack Obama that he was only to happy to do so. The Attorney General of the US told Chris Finlayson to carry out this illegal task, and wee Chris compiled willingly…and told his boss, it was all go. And the raid on Kim Dotcoms mansion was set in motion. Assisted by the well practiced and covert actions of the FBI / CIA the GSCB, SIS and of course the police. You know the outcome, but Kim Dotcom had a few millions in the bank, much more than John Key’s sixty million, so he lawyered up like a rocket and believe or not the GCSB, the NZ Police were found to have arrested a NZ resident and this was simply against the law…in New Zealand…not in the US they arrest or take-out whomever they like…but here in NZ some of us believe in the rule of law.
So now John Key quickly appointed his old school buddy to clean up the mess and introduced a bill allowing him to break the law whenever he feels so inclined or when the US President orders him to do so. John Key’s real home is in Hawaii and that folks is a part of the US. So there it is and this not simply a new conspiracy theory.

TV 3’s John Campbell presented this case on his programme in clear and undeniably logical and telling twenty minute presentation.

Where would we be without TV3’s John Campbell and his public service half hour slot each night? Our own state owned TV and our overseas owned media would never present something so thought provoking and compelling.

But is John Campbell just pushing it uphill, will all the spied on Hobbits now rise up and force the PM and Government to treat our citizens as human beings and not as toys for the US and others to manipulate and be taken out on demand.    

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