Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Big Three find scapegoats.


The Big Three at the National Party Conference…underfed, they are not, underpaid they are not overworked they are not.

But according to them beneficiaries are! And they need to be stopped, punished, beneficiaries that is!

Together these three fine examples of Kiwi womanhood are creating the scapegoats of the future. Yes Paula Bennett, Hekia Parata and Judith [Crusher] Collins are all doing their bit to get those on benefits victimised and blamed for the diminishing sense of social justice in this the land of the Hobbits, Aotearoa, New Zealand.  

What has happened to our once proud and egalitarian country? For we have over the last ten years or so created a monster whipping horse that we can blame for all our woes, financial mis-management, rottenness and a undisguised hate that must send a shiver down the spine of those who believe in justice and fairness for all our citizens both rich and poor.
The present government just loves and needs this rottenness and universal corruption for it hides the absolutely inhuman and ignorant behaviour being carried in our names.

We are without doubt only one step away from creating eighteenth century Work Houses for the poor and jobless. We’ve filled our prisons to overflowing; we are chopping those who deserve help from benefit availability, and the public cheer loudly with each cut to benefit payments. Not realising that 'there but for the grace of God go I.

The media just love to highlight tales about beneficiaries who get caught ripping off the system, yet stay strangely silent about local businesses who daily rip-off their customers or clients and especially those loan sharks that abound in our and other cities. Jimmy Ellingham of the Manawatu Standard gets a great kick out of highlighting shoplifting thirty dollars worth of chocolate and other dramatic small events.  

Of course finding scapegoats is not new, Hitler and the Nazi party did it by blaming the Jews…America did by blaming the blacks and now days the Mexicans…New Zealand did by blaming the Unions…but now days the National Government does it by blaming the unemployed, the sickness beneficiaries, solo mums, even kindergarten aged kids and so they super enlarge the nations mini problems and allocate blame to those least able to fight back. This is a gutless government, as well as being sick to the core for it has lost its social heart and is fixated on the one percent.

We’ve even got a 'leading light' Doctor in the Social Welfare Department pushing the line that every time he signs a document allowing someone to receive a benefit he is turning that person in to a drug addict for life. Hence the new term benefit addiction…Is this highly paid government employee for real…what scientific evidence has he got to back-up that crap statement…he must be South African most likely was employed at one time by the ACC. This from the Daily Blog:

No Right Turn makes a devastating discovery that beneficiaries will be forced to pay for their own drug tests.
Let’s just consider that, forget about why the very same politicians passing these laws shouldn’t also be forced to be drug tested (what’s more damaging a drunk Politician passing laws or an unemployed stoner?), how malicious is policy that forces beneficiaries to take drug tests that will disqualify them from the benefit AND make them pay for that drug test as well.
These policies are not about helping get people into work, they are designed to purposely disqualify people from welfare and what happens to them once they have been thrown off welfare is no longer the Governments responsibility.
Add these new measures to disqualify with the desire to tag the children of beneficiaries as young as 3 at kindergartens so Paula can disqualify parents for not getting their children to day care on time shows these measures have nothing to do with the welfare of the child and everything to do with the cost cutting punishment of the parent.

National and Paula Bennet are creating ‘unpeople’, NZers invisible via disqualification to being recorded on welfare so that these gerrymandered stats can be paraded around as some sort of success.
All National are doing is hiding our poverty with no solution more nuanced than the stick.
This is economic Darwinism.

And I agree with every word, but it is sad to watch the official government strategy of blaming the unemployed, the sick and the needy, or solo-mums, the drug addicts, the dispossessed and homeless just so the rest of us can feel safe and secure in our own little boxes hoping like hell that it never happens to us. Let me assure you, it will unless you change direction.

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