Monday, 29 July 2013

Eavesdropper reveals GCSB PN plot.

Who sent the email?

TV 3 and Media Works have some questions to answer

Was this person so trustworthy that you never doubted his/her word?
What information have they passed on to you in the past?
Are they military, GCSB, ex newspaper employees, politicians or want-to-be politicians?

Wheeler’s Corner inside the GCSB, Eavesdropper may help provide the answer; he was doing security duty in the PM’s Office on Monday when he overheard a conversation between the PM and his best mate. Since this is a hot topic at the moment I felt compelled to report this very revealing conversation:

“Have you got a spare few minutes John”, asked Ian, as he poked his head into John’s rather large and palatial office. Eavesdropper knew Ian because Ian happened to be his Top-Boss at the GCSB.

“Absolutely I’m comfortable with that”, answered John as he removed his feet from his desk and put the file marked Top Secret US FBI report on [Too secret to reveal] in his desk draw. “Pull up a chair and remove your dark shades”, he added.

“We’ve got a problem”, said Ian in a very secretive tone.

“Not another one…they haven’t found the emails about that investigative fellow Stevenson have they?

“Not yet, but we think we have destroyed all the copies but you can never tell with the Defence Department they’ve got so many whistle blowers”, said Ian, rather sadly.

“Well what is it this time”, it can’t get much worse nobody trusts the bloody GCSB now days anyway”, said the PM.

“Yes I know, especially after the weekend with protests in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and even in Palmerston North”, whispered Buddy Ian.

“Palmerston North! Gee where next God-damn Taihape”, interrupted Key in a rather whining voice with a sort of a high pitch itch to it.

“Oh stop acting like you use to in our school days, especially when you were caught charging interest on pocket money loans”, said Ian.

“Oh right Ian, I’ll admit you’ve got a good memory, any way what’s the problem? Cried Key, as his face turned a brighter shade of pink.

“Well our GCSB under-cover man in Palmerston North sent a email to TV3 telling them that there was bottle and rock throwing during the protest and TV3 ran that on their six o’clock news without checking out the facts”, said Ian, with head lowered.

“Christ Ian, who was he Ian”, yelled John Key.

“Can’t tell you than John, its secret”, muttered Ian
“Don’t be stupid, I’m your boss when I ask a question, you answer, I hired you for just that purpose”, screamed John.

“I know and I’m grateful for your charity, but now that I’m in the job, I’ve found out who my real boss is and it isn’t you…” said Ian before John Key cut him off…

“Who the hell is your boss”, uttered Key stunned and shocked.

“Lets just say they don’t live in New Zealand”, said Ian

‘Oh, them, right I understand, well what’s happening to this idiot in Palmerston North Ian, we’ll have to put a lid on this stuff up, said John Key now even pinker.

“We are trying to blackout his email and he’ll be posted back to his Air Force base which isn’t far from Palmerston North”, we’ve removed his name from the books”, said Ian after gaining some confidence and sounding more grown up than before.

The conversation ended there because Mr. David Henry the PM’s head of department came into the office unannounced and said, “Sorry PM but question time practice is about to start” and the speaker wants you there.

Wheelers Corner Eavesdropper switched off his recorder and rushed the tape to me, I have transcribed the conversation.

Here is the earlier item from Lucy Townsend of the Manawatu Standard on the 29th of July 2013
GCSB protesters have laid formal complaints with the Broadcasting Standards Authority after an inaccurate television report said rocks and bottles were thrown during a Palmerston North rally.
A 3 News report on Saturday claimed Palmerston North people clashed with police, throwing bottles and rocks, during the city's protest.
Police have refuted these claims and 3 News has accepted it was an error, and will issue an apology in tonight's news bulletin.
Palmerston North people were among the thousands nationwide making a public stand to oppose the Government's Communications Security Bureau Amendment Bill - which will expand the legal power of the GCSB to spy on New Zealanders.
About 150 people gathered in the city centre to march around The Square and voice their opinions on the controversial topic of covert surveillance.
Protest organiser Teanau Tuiono said the event was a family-friendly, peaceful protest that allowed people to be informed on the proposed law change.
The organisers invited protesters to the pub afterward to continue talks.
Mr Tuiono said he was disappointed when he saw the opening segment of TV3's 6pm news bulletin stating Palmerston North protesters had been causing havoc, but with no footage of them doing so.
''It inferred we were violent towards police and there were no such incidents.
''The reporting of these fictitious actions are inaccurate and denigrates the support in the provinces ... and it begs the question, why would they do it?''
Protesters said they had laid complaints with 3 News, MediaWorks, which owns TV3, and the Broadcasting Standards Authority.
''It casts Palmerston North in a bad light, and it was untrue and inaccurate,'' Mr Tuiono said.
''A significant portion of the population is going to tune into TV3 news and say 'Hey, look they're up to trouble in Palmerston North' and they'll believe it.
''The intention was to support what was happening around the country in a display of solidarity.''
TV3's Auckland bureau chief Keith Slater said an email from a person within the Palmerston North area provided the tip.
He would not comment on why it wasn't verified.
''3 News acted on information provided that was incorrect and we will rectify that error,'' he said before the apology went to air.
Palmerston North Sergeant Gina Atkinson, who attended the protest, said it was peaceful and no objects were thrown.
Police weren't asked to attend but because it was in her patrol area, Ms Atkinson went along.
She said organisers did everything correctly by contacting the police and the council beforehand.
No complaints were received afterwards.

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