Monday, 22 July 2013

Peter Dunne Caves In as expected.

The Prime Minister John Key wanted to buy one vote:

He ignored other parties, because he had the Act Party tucked up tight via John Banks who is still at risk because of his pending court hearing regarding his proven misuse of election donations from Kim Dotcom and Sky City.

Peter Dunne was a willing seller [of his vote], so in his own words on TV 3 News [Monday 22nd July 2013] “Key was a willing buyer and I was a willing seller, hence the deal” [quote ends]

But the real question is what did Key use as currency to seal the deal? Was it money, or was it knowledge that could be with-held from public view. If this was the case what information could damage Peter Dunne to such an extent that he would have to resign before next years general election.

The strong rumour doing the rounds is: The string of emails between Peter Dunne and Fairfax reporter Andrea Vance was that currency. It is suggested that a copy of those illegally gained emails are now in the hands of the PM. It is suggested that the path to the PM was via the GCSB boss Ian Fletcher [appointed by Key].

Key flew back from his holiday in Singapore to the supposed news that he had persuaded his sacked minister and past leader of the United Future party which has been deregistered because of a lack of members.

It had been suggested by various sources that the emails contained information that could have caused great difficulties for both the PM and Peter Dunne, so it could be said that both individuals had much to gain by doing a deal and keep the emails from public view.

There are a series of protests regarding the GCSB’s and the PM’s desire to spy on you and I.

On the 27th of July, 2013 at 2pm there will be a nation wide protest taking place against the GCSB and TICS bills. It’s in the Square if you can, gather your friends and family and attend.

This is bigger than simply an undercover deal between Key and Dunne.

A Coalition of Concerned Citizens will also be meeting here in Palmerston North (the Square) in solidarity with the rest of the country.

Spokesperson Laia Asieo Odo said "We the people need to stand up for our right to privacy. These rights should not be traded off to foreign governments at the whim of politicians"

The GCSB, an intelligence agency that was established to protect New Zealand citizens from external threats, is surrounded by scandal, including an improper process leading to the appointment of its director, an inglorious saga surrounding the arrest of Kim Dotcom and associates, and accusations that the agency has been illegally spying on New Zealanders.

"The track record of Spy agencies in this country is not good. Powers have been used often illegally. In the past the people who have been most brought under the gaze of the spying agencies have been Māori or other people involved in any sort of critical work, whether they are protesting against fracking and drilling for oil in conservation land or whatever"

"Under the proposed legislation the GCSB would be transformed from a foreign intelligence agency into one that spies on New Zealand citizens and residents."

"One must seriously question the embarrassing keenness John Key makes to open the private lives of New Zealanders to foreign governments, in particular the US and the other Five Eyes governments"

Laia Asieo Odo continued "Politicians court our votes but rely on our apathy and mute compliance to pursue their own agendas, invariably these days the agendas of the elites. - these things are not consistent with democracy"

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Anonymous said...

now who was that man who betrayed Jesus? his name was Judas and he did it for MONEY 30 pieces of Silver indeed and so we know the story............
but what is MP Peter Dunne's price???? from our TAX PURSE??? HOW MUCH IS THE TAXPAYER PAYING TO HIM VIA THE PM TO SPY ON US ALL ????