Saturday, 9 November 2013

Ghost Busters vs Roast Busters

Ghost Busters was a very popular movie…comedy or whatever…the heroes braved the unknown and saved the damsels in distress…from Gasper and his mates. Well so the story goes.

Roast Busters are a completely different kettle of fish and their self-made role was not to save damsels in distress but to put underage damsels into distress. 

Not very heroic is that don’t you think? One could even call it gutless and cowardly if one was to be polite.

According to the Police it is certainly not against the law, morally wrong yes, but not against the law, says the Police Commissioner and his underlings. And it’s especially not illegal because one of the wee lads is the son of a God-damn police officer. And we all know that Police Officers and their kids can do no wrong…yeah right.

Allan Arthur Thomas and the planting of false evidence was just a mistake, Brad Shipton and other top police bosses didn’t run a rape club and lord it over powerless woman no that was all a massive mistake. Police are heroes you know like Ghost Busters, friendly Gasper's one and all.

After this last week if you believe that then you’ll believe anything…

There is a part of the police force that is rotten to the core, not the entire police force, firstly because many women are employed in the police force and they don’t go round raping men. And there are honest and trusty policemen too, but they all seem to be on the beat and not the ones in charge and such like.

The police never had any intention of arresting the members of the Roast Busters gang of budding habitual rapists. Why because a son of a policeman was involved, and if they arrested one most likely that rat would rat on the cops son. Now that would throw a real spanner in the works...

Radio Live's Willie and John supreme idiots.
Even when a victim was brave enough to come forward the police did their utmost to muddy the waters and indirectly blame the victim which has been New Zealand's standard practice for the last hundred years.

This attitude is normal practice and it starts at the top; when the Prime Minister suggests that the Roast Busters are just a bunch of naughty teenaged boys, boasting and showing off their wee willies and when idiots like John Tamihere and Willie Jackson let the wind blow their tongues around as they attempt to get on side with a few red necked males and their ex-police rapist friend who works closely with John T. 

John and Willie should be sacked from Radio Live and never invited back on any media including Maori TV until they simply grow up and stop acting like spoilt brats. They need a long and meaningful lesson in humility and humbleness.

Will the Roast Busters be brought to justice, will they pay the price for their disgusting behaviour, I doubt it, John Key will say that he feels comfortable with the police behaviour, he may even change the law so they can’t be touched as he did with the Dotcom case when the police broke the law in a dozen different ways.

He may even offer the policeman’s son a position on the Nats Auckland Youth Branch to replace Luigi Wewege so long as he keeps his mouth shut tight.

The Police Commissioner who is due to retire at the end of the year, will no doubt get a knighthood and be offered various seats on various boards, like Mighty River Power, Air New Zealand and such like, so as to fill in his time when he is not relaxing on the golf course.  

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Gordon McShean said...

I could easily take this opportunity to support you and express my own frustration and disgust with the actions and responses our political and police authorities, but you put it so well...! And of course, it is easier for us to let others - like yourself - state the problems (while we minimise risks we might personally face in doing that)! Your message was great - and I can assure you we'll be very attentive and supportive if bad things start to happen to you!