Saturday, 23 November 2013

One Law For All Hero...yeah right.

Heroes come in various shapes and sizes…some weird political parties invent heroes to push their strange and twisted policies.

One law for all has been a battle cry of racists for years and years and some people actually believe their own rhetoric on this issue. Naturally the law must be their law, which goes without saying.

They even made a hero of someone who had created a myth around his so-called efforts to beat back the mass attack by devilish Maori and Iwi on his farm up North.

He was valiant and heroic as he fought to protect himself and his family from the cowardly and unrelenting onslaught by these part Maori as he attempted to save the nation, while at the same time supporting ‘One law for all’.

Established in June, 1 Law 4 All has policies of abolishing the Waitangi Tribunal and removing all race-based seats and positions in central and local government. 

1 Law 4 All, party president Tom Johnson needed a hero, one he could hold up as a shining example of heroic proportions to help sell their new political party and its dream of consigning to the rubbish heap, the Waitangi Tribunal and removing all race-based seats and positions in central and local government.

And Tom Johnson felt they had found their hero,

One other person agreed with Tom Johnson and that was a long-time friend of Johnson’s hero controversial author Martin Doutre. He wrote a book, Ancient Celtic New Zealand, which claimed Maori were not the first to inhabit New Zealand; rather a band of Celts made their way from Europe to New Zealand 5000 years ago but were killed off by Maori.

So who was this hero who had fought the good fight, stood tall in the name of justice, freedom and liberty.

His name was Allan Titford, a former Northland farmer Titford, who last month unsuccessfully ran for mayor of the Far North District Council. And who was on Wednesday sentenced to 24 years jail on 39 charges, three of them involving sexual violation.

But alas the court was wrong says: ‘An injustice had been done’, Doutre said.
Doutre had known Titford since 1998 and toured with him in 2009 on the Treaty 2U road show disputing the validity of Treaty of Waitangi claims.

This from 2008: [TV3]

The Crown Law Office is reinvestigating a Northland land dispute which looked as though it was resolved more than a decade ago.

In 1995 farmer Alan Titford was persuaded to accept $3.25 million in compensation for his farm, which was bought from him and handed back to Maori.
But now he has returned to the land at Maunganui Bluff to protest.

For the first time in 22 years, Alan Titford and his family can return to their farm without the threat of arrest. After a two-hour meeting this morning, police allowed the Titfords to return to their Aranga Coast farm.
It was here 22 years ago where tensions boiled over, and some of the wounds are still raw.
It began when the Waitangi Tribunal recommended burial sites on the farm be returned to local Maori Te Roroa.
The claim sparked violent and bitter conflict, and the Titford's house burned down in mysterious circumstances.

In 1995, the Titfords signed over the farm and moved to Australia.
A spokesman for Mr Titford says the agreement for the sale of the land was tampered with, and will be checked by the Crown Law Office.
Today Mr Titford is a happier man. He says it is the first time his story has been believed.


Titford was on Wednesday sentenced to 24 years jail on 39 charges, three of them involving sexual violation. Some hero!

Titford was a poster boy for the party's policies after he fought a high-profile land battle over his farm at Maunganui Bluff, near Dargaville.

His case was still on the party's website today, in the form of a blog post by Mike Butler.
Butler likened Titford's dispute with the Waitangi Tribunal and local iwi as "just like the Deep South in the United States, with the white farmer treated like a pre-civil rights black."

Butler said Titford was the victim of abuse at the hands of land claimants and that they had burned his house down. So much for Mr. Butler’s opinion!

Titford was found guilty of arson in relation to the incident.

Following that news and the stories from court of Titford's treatment of his wife, 1 Law 4 All party president Tom Johnson said they would be reviewing the place of the post on the website.

"We are in the process of revamping the website, completely unrelated to this.
"I haven't talked to the other members but I imagine that [removing the content] would be the likelihood.

"As a party we don't condone criminal activity at all." Yeah right
One person who was standing by Titford was long-time friend and controversial author Martin Doutre.

More than 400 people voted for mayoral candidate Allan Titford to become top dog of the Far North.
What they probably didn't know is that they were giving their vote to a convicted rapist, abuser and fraudster who was already in prison.

Name suppression, put in place to protect Titford's victim, also protected his mayoral aspirations by default.
By the day of the 2013 local government elections, a jury had already found Titford guilty of 39 charges - including the systematic abuse of his wife and children.
But that fact was kept secret from voters who likely only knew the Northland farmer for his high-profile land ownership battle against the Crown and his official mayoral candidate spiel.

Note these ironic words from the One Law for All supporter…hero.

"I know what it is like to deal with corruption and red tape," Titford's candidate profile read.
"I am anti corruption at all levels. We all need a system with business experience and brains to promote growth not dictatorship and decline."

Titford has now been sentenced to 24 years' imprisonment - one of New Zealand's longest terms for these types of crimes.

His name suppression was in place throughout his trial to protect his wife, Susan, who he raped and physically abused.

Victims of sexual crime are automatically given name suppression.

Susan waived her right to keep her identity secret at his sentencing on Thursday, effectively outing him to the community - and to the 414 residents who gave him their vote.


Janine said...

Titford was well-known up here as a racist, a liar, an all-round nasty and evil man. He bought that Aranga property (for about $100,000) knowing full well that it had an urupa on it and that there was a likely Te Roroa claim. He prevented the Te Roro people from going to their urupa, told lies about their actions against him (I know these people personally and know their side of the story) and manipulated the Crown into paying him over $3 million dollars. He burnt his own house down and blamed Te Roroa. The list goes on and on. I am not a supporter of "lock 'em up and throw away the key" - but there are always exceptions. Titford is one of them.

ONZF said...

For the other side of the story with all the documented evidence log onto,

There are always two sides to every story, it's just that one has documented evidence held in our Archives and the other does not have any evidence!

Wheeler's Corner NZ said...

ONZF are you saying that he wasn't convicted of Arson, of wife beating, of fraud, etc, do you believe our justice system is so bad that it would let him go free...he had a trial...I've checked your web site.It's sad really!

Dianne Cavill said...

Doutre butler and ansell all see another conspiracy theory. And support titford. Sickening really

Anonymous said...

Checked Your website.What a Sad piece of shit. Theres no one side of the story anymore now that the wife and kids found the strength to overcome their fear of the Mad Man You, Doutre, the 1Law4All Party and the 400 odd FarNorth Voters Support.
Wow! Do you still Support DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, RAPE, INCEST, CHILD ABUSE, MENTAL ABUSE, RACISM, ARSON, FRAUD ... What other Evil is there.
BASTARD is too kind a world for this SICK PIECE O SHIT, that obviously was exactly the type of candidate needed in your corner.

Anonymous said...

Just read the post.Sickening is right.
Surely this MADMAN isnt still supported??