Thursday, 21 November 2013

One Hundred and eleven thousand petition delivered.

What is different about this picture?
Look carefully at this picture, what stands out? Look extra close and think again, have you found the answer…

Well there are, or could be many answers to the question posed.

One could be that there is only one male present.

Another could be that there are no National Party MP’s present.

The large print on the box containing one hundred and eleven thousand signatures says “Stop failing rape survivors” a message clearly understandable by even the thickest MP male of female.

The woman holding the child is my hero of the year Jessie Hume, she rocked the nation by successfully collecting a one hundred and eleven thousand petition in just over a week. Yet the police couldn’t carry out an investigation in over two and a half years. If only they had the willpower and drive, energy and know how of this Mother spent in mobilising, investigating, compiling data they may then catch the odd male sexual offenders. [Even after they publish their identities on Face Book etc.

But the offenders couldn’t be policemen because they just don’t seem able to get anyone to testify against their own…and they certainly can’t put together a case against anyone with police connections.

The following is a TV3 News online report on the petition being handed over at Parliament

MPs have today received a petition with 110,000 signatures calling for more action to be taken for the alleged victims of the Roast Busters group.

The petition, which also asks for more support services for victims of rape and sexual assault, was delivered to Parliament this afternoon.

Green Party women's spokeswoman Jan Logie says the petition shows it is time the Government to "create a better future" for victims of sexual violence.

"Our shared outrage at the lack of justice for recent victims of sexual abuse can be harnessed to create real change for all victims. The solutions we need are secure funding for education and support services, and a stronger justice system."

Petition organiser Jessie Hume believes the Government hasn't taken the Roast Busters case seriously.

Meanwhile, Detective Inspector Karyn Malthus, who is leading Operation Clover, says police are making "steady progress" in their investigations.

"We are currently focused on speaking to a number of girls. This is a very delicate and careful process and at this time our priority is the privacy, health and well-being of the girls, their families and caregivers."

A number of those police are interested in speaking to are currently sitting exams and police are working around those schedules, she says. TV3 report ends.

Operation Clover…is a holding operation, and the weak police excuse of the victims having exams is effecting police progress is so obviously false and is nothing more than a public relations holding pattern employed while the nations anger dies down. When the exams are over, they’ll have to wait for the results to be received.

Why don’t the police simply go and pick up the boys. Take them into custody, search their homes; remove their computers, smart phones I Pads or whatever. The girls concerned were underage. Don't the police know the law...firstly they stop the offending, then they collect the evidence.

It was suggested to me that this, blame the victim is simply a part of New Zealand male culture. That is rubbish, it’s not my culture... and I’m male and a New Zealander. 

But maybe that weak excuse is why so many males fail to stand up and be counted, why so many of our policemen hide and protect their mates. It takes them not weeks or even months but god damn years to arrest their own sexual wrong doers…in it has just been revealed that they paid one of their own…wait for it…for two years before the put him in court…and he has pleaded guilty...

As males we should demand that our police are swept clean of those who, won’t, or can’t do the job we pay them for, be they commissioners, detectives or on the beat cops. And we can’t achieve that, and then we should only recruit and promote women…

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Anonymous said...

Isn't the woman holding the box none other than Louise Upston, National Party MP for Taupo and South Waikato?? I would recognize her...face (for lack of another appropriate word) anywhere...