Saturday, 16 November 2013

Patrick Gower; Keys public persona gone mad.

Ever heard of a wee chap named Patrick Gower, he is employed by TV 3, at least I think he is; sometimes I think he actually works for John Key.  

Or John Banks even, because the tales he tells are in the mode of John Banks, John Key and others of a like ilk.

His on screen presence is highlighted by his strange stance and hand positioning, like he is protecting his tummy from an attack by unseen monsters or its upset and rumbling.

Then when at last this strange image speaks it reveals dry and arid tones as it renders its version of its self proclaimed dynamic and world shattering news… that will, once heard, wreak havoc amongst the political forces that gather on the left of centre, waiting keenly to take over from the mad money maker. His words become understandable:.

“Labour leader David Cunliffe is facing bad news on the policy front, with the latest 3 News-Reid Research poll finding his idea of a state-owned insurer has flopped”.

Pausing for a deep breath of fresh air, he adjusts his hands as instructed and continues with his tale of doom and woe for poor David Cunliffe and his newly revealed policy.

“His big policy to get the public on board is a Kiwibank-style insurance company called "KiwiAssure", which Prime Minister John Key describes as "a dog".

Without realising it he contradicts himself and adds in almost the same puff of wind:

“And a majority of voters don't think much of it as well, with 49 percent saying no, they don't want a state insurer. Those saying yes total 42 percent.”

But Mr Cunliffe isn't worried by the poll, and states:

"When you look at the splits by party vote, supporters of all parties except National by clear majority support KiwiAssure, so it's only tribal by National Party voters to oppose it," he says. "It's politics."

Flash back to John Keys [He’s overseas drinking G and T’s with a mass murderer]

Mr Key says it would be unnecessary spending.
"We don't have a broken insurance market," he says. "I don't think it would be a good use of taxpayers' money."

Mr Cunliffe has been out in Christchurch with victims of its insurance market, and says the policy is no flop.
"[People] want to see a New Zealand insurance company with high service standards where the profits stay right here in New Zealand," he says.

Gower states: The poll shows Labour supporters are also split on the idea, with 58 percent supporting the idea of a government insurer, while 34 percent say no, they aren't so keen. [Yeah right…only nearly 60% are…that’s keen.

"This is early days," says Mr Cunliffe. "It's only been in the market a couple of weeks; there will be a lot of people who don't know about it."

Gower has no retort for that so he ends with this endearing bit of rubbish on which to build his non-existent case:

So David Cunliffe's first big policy is a fizzer. It may be worthy in Christchurch, but it hasn't hit a nerve elsewhere. It was his first big opportunity - now it's gone – and he will want a much bigger hit next time”.

First I thought it might be just me…you know leaning to the left a bit, as I often do, so I checked out a few comments on Gowers beat up: Here are just a few:

Great policy Cunliffe *thumbs up*.

I'm really surprised and rather suspicious - after the mess the private insurers have made especially. Sure EQC has been hopeless but it's Kiwibank not EQC culture that will dominate and hopefully this penny will drop eventually (And EQC get overhauled)

The same should be said of any parties’ policies, what does National have that is universally supported? Asset Sales, Nope around 70 % are against and have been in the majority of polls released.

Political Parties don't have policies that appeal to a wide spectrum of kiwis... what they do have is a range of policies... so far labours policies look set to benefit those on the bottom… right up to those in the middle... which is a bulk of the countries voters.
What does Key have? Yet more of the same universally unsupported policies.

With the promise to Kiwis that he will be desperate enough to get into bed with a fundamentalist nut job like Craig?
When you look at the last Political poll released by TV3 it shows labour with 32 % party support... so given the result of this poll if Labour can get the 42% who said they support the policy to vote for it on Election Day then they will be government.
National can’t even get 42% support on its asset sales program.
So I don't really think this is a case of a policy flopping... because more people in this poll support the policy than those who say that they would vote for the party.
In anyone's books that has to be a good result.
32% party support... 42% policy support, well done Labour... all this shows is that the policy appeals to more than just their own voters.

Yes, although you make sense, you wont see that sort of common sense and factual reporting. You will see one sided biased stories and reports like this....they will only increase in number come next ready for it...

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