Thursday, 7 November 2013

Police Threaten Blog site

Bomber over on the Daily Blog site, published this poster...the police contacted him and demanded that he remove it... or face the prospect of three months in jail or a $5000.00 dollar fine.

I stand in solitarity with Bomber and other bloggers who are showing this poster.

No one is asking you to agree with it, or oppose it, but to consider it in relation to the shocking history of the police regarding rape and its policing.

There are serious questions being asked about the issues taking place in Auckland in regard to the behaviour of a bunch of young males and their egos.

The police have once again displayed a clear lack of ability in regard to pursuing and taking positive action against what are bullies and idiots.

The MSM has been full of the sorts of legal possibilities that were available to the police so as to take action to have brought this shocking behaviour to a halt. But the police couldn't even agree that a complaint had been laid...this is not simply stupidity but it reeks of incompetence of the highest order.

I favour free speech and if free speech offends some then so be it. If some free speech assists in getting the police into the 21st century then its worth the effort. 

It is worth noting that 'The Sensible Sentencing Trust' has yet to comment...funny that don't you think.

For those of you who don't get Wheeler's Corner Weekly newsletter here is what I wrote on this issue just this week:

Why don’t they name and shame them, why don’t they carry out a Dotcom style raid, or bug them using the GCSB, after all they are allowed to spy on New Zealanders now days.

Why didn’t the Police get the Face Book page taken down when they first became aware of their disgusting and cowardly behaviour two years ago?

Two God damn years, how many young woman or teenaged girls have these psychopaths’ rat-bags damaged?

One the son of a Police Officer, maybe the bunch of gang raping Police Officers back in the eighties who raped their way to infamy was and still is the model being used by these twisted male youths.

Another of these rat-bags is said to be a male offspring of an well known entertainer, if those are the entertainment skills he passes on to his son, we can only hope he doesn’t any daughters below the age of eighteen.

But the PM says not to worry, if the victims publicly complain, the police might take some action, but to do that the PM suggests they [the victims] need to be very brave. I got the impression from the PM’s comments that we should simply let the police do their job…yeah right. They’ve had two years…24 months…104 weeks…and what have they done, zero.

Once the School got involved they had Facebook page removed in a few days and all the while the police sat on their hands…its shameful.

Is the media going to investigate and name the boys? Not on your Nellie, yet they’ll put on the front page a story about a twenty dollar shoplifting conviction by young a young woman.

This from the blog: No Right Turn PN top blogger:

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

When news of the Auckland rape club broke yesterday, the overwhelming question was why the police allowed (and continue to allow) this to go on for so long - two years and counting - when the rapists were boasting of their crimes on Facebook. Surely what's been made public is reasonable grounds to suspect that an offence punishable by imprisonment has been committed, and therefore sufficient to get search warrants, production orders, even surveillance warrants if necessary (rape easily meeting the seriousness threshold) so as to pursue the case further? Its hard to escape the conclusion that the police have been less than vigorous in this case. As Kim Dotcom pointed out, they can send a chopper and 72 armed cops to pursue a claim of copyright infringement, but are apparently powerless to act against a rape gang which boasts all over social media.

Now we know why:
More details about a group of young Auckland boys called the 'Roast Busters', who've been luring girls into underage group sex and boasting about it online, can now be revealed.

One boy being questioned by police is the son of a celebrity with an international profile, while the other is the son of an Auckland police officer.

[Emphasis added]

It’s hard to escape the conclusion that this is another case of the police looking out for their own at the expense of justice. And in the wake of Clint Rickards and the police's own rape club, that's absolutely toxic.

Meanwhile, the police's failure to provide justice means that we now have vigilantes seeking it for themselves.

This is precisely what having an organised police force is supposed to save us from. Heckuva job, cops; you've really done yourselves proud. [No Right turn ends.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, thanks for your article and rage on this. Many of us women and mothers are shocked at this latest stuff-up by the police, and that their idea of an investigation is very tainted. Will heads roll and careers be stopped? I wonder, or will my son come home and say he wants to be a policeman, because you can lie and get away with it, rape and bully people, and will not get sacked! Horrific, our police need a major shake up. If u eva watch Police 10-7, we can see there our violent and bullyish the police can be. i recently saw them violently arrest a young Polynesian male, for throwing eggs! he was released the next day without a charge, but will be scarred for life, no doubt.