Friday, 29 November 2013

Part Two Mike Dixon-McIvor vs ACC

My hero of the week 75 year old Mike Dixon-McIvor has continued his one-sided battle with NZ most aggressive and repressive state controlled organisation the ACC.

Paula Rebstock ACC's hit woman.
Mikes guts might just pay off…he may yet beat Nationals ACC’s iron fisted board chairwoman Paula Rebstock specially appointed hit person put in place to prepare  ACC for voter bribes in election year 2014. This is the woman who voted against helping the families at Pike River…

The plan was simple, create a mythical financial problem [Nick Smith was in charge of that until he was caught out helping out a good friend and was sacked].

Up the charges, and put your own selected and highly rewarded doctors to refuse payments in place and when the claimants are forced to appeal, use your own controlled appeal board members to hear that appeal.

To read more about that nasty and degrading period go to:

Mike Dixon-McIvor, A true Kiwi Hero.
Mike has not given up the fight, and so far all the cheap bribery attempts by ACC to wriggle snake like out of their self inflicted wounds have been rejected by this brave and enduring Kiwi battler. This from TV 3 News:

He's spent the past 27 days on a hunger strike outside ACC headquarters in Wellington, but 75-year-old Mike Dixon-McIver could soon be going home.

The corporation's agreed to enter arbitration with him to end a six-year battle, but there's just one more thing he's waiting for before he does.

After ACC unsuccessfully prosecuted him for fraud in 2007, Mr Dixon-McIver has been fighting for damages and it has cost him his health and his income.

"They have to be seen to meet the consequences of their actions above an apology," he says.

He picketed ACC in May this year, and it agreed to enter mediation, offering him $90,000 in compensation. But he refused.

"It wouldn't even cover seven years of lost income," he says.

It's been a long month for wife Jolene, who has watched her husband lose 12kg.

"[I've] mainly worried about his health because he's a diabetic, and also his drinking hydration levels, we've had a few really bad days," she says.

Arbitration will see a judge decide the outcome of this saga, and the decision will be legally binding on both parties.

ACC says its continuing discussions with Mr Dixon-McIver, and there could be a resolution to arbitration in about three months.

He says he's prepared to go home tonight if ACC gives him the $90,000 too, but it refused.

"Well they offered it in the first place and that was supposed to be as a sign of good faith - if they withdraw it now, then we're back to the bad faith," he says.

Bad faith, that will see his hunger strike continue a little longer.

3 News

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