Thursday, 6 February 2014

Paul Henry [Hopes] his ego and other clap-trap.

When TV 3 went to the Social Welfare Department seeking a drug free, honest front man for its new weekday 10.30pm Nightline spot, the computer printed out the name: Paul Henry Hopes, aged 54, male, of no fixed abode.
On checking their records they discovered that this Paul Henry Hopes was better known as Paul Henry without the Hopes.
This proved to them that this wee chap was the very same Paul Henry who had started his own radio station, sold it off, but came back to it as an employee…and then had a egotistical explosion that has never been brought under control.

He was also revealed as a failed ex-National Party candidate who stood in the Wairarapa electorate in the 1999 general election. He failed and had his backside whipped by Georgina Beyer the first transgender candidate [Labour Party] to be elected to New Zealand’s parliament.

Left: Mike Hoskins. Right, Cant remember name.
Some at TV 3 appeared not to want Paul Henry involved in its operations because TV 3 has worked hard at developing an intelligent and coherent news presentation service. John Campbell has developed a highly respected slot at 7pm and TV One the government owned so-called public broadcaster has gone feral on the people whose taxes fund the service. TV One has just hired another well known National Party / Act supporter who would or could contest the most idiotic presenter spot with Paul Henry. His name is Mike Hoskins and he has been brought in to resurrect a show known as ‘Seven Sharp’, which is about as sharp as a toothless crocodile.

Paul Henry during his strange ‘Paul Henry Show’ makes some really weird and childlike statements: Firstly Paul Henry “hates City Councils, all Councils but he hates the Auckland City Council most”. And he hates Len Brown the Mayor of Auckland and he also has mixed feelings about David Cunliffe but that’s understandable when one considers that Georgina Beyer rolled him over and smacked his backside. But Paul Henry is simply one of those people who can’t be relaxed unless he is being noticed, hence his mouth and ego.

He had a thing about Greenpeace worker Stephanie Mills and facial hair; this is most likely because Paul has yet to shave. His views on homosexuality [38] led to complaints to the
Broadcasting Standards Authority, He also suggested that world famous singer Susan Boyle was or is ‘Retarded’ which says more about Paul Henry’s brain and mouth than Susan Boyle.

Knowing all of this plus Paul Henry insulting utterances about Governor-General, Sir Anand Satyanand and others TV 3 was I think blackmailed into giving the nightly spot, no broadcaster in their right mind would hire such an obvious National Party clone and mouth piece. As if that wasn’t bad enough he went on to say some truly mind shattering statement about an Indian official representative: India summoned New Zealand's high commissioner Rupert Holborow to protest Henry's "racist and bigoted" comments, and Holborow expressed his regret for the deep hurt they had caused. Henry let his mouth run away with his brain when referring to [46] Sheila Dikshit during the 2010 Commonwealth Games as "the dip shit woman" and "Dick Shit", Henry, going on to state that "it's so appropriate, because she's Indian, so she'd be dick-in-shit wouldn't she, do you know what I mean? [No Paul because most people have a hard job understanding idiots]

I think that they [TV 3] may feel that since TV One has gone down the government appeasement track with John Key’s best friend / mate / hired hand Mike Hoskins they should do the same with failed National Party Candidate Paul Henry.

But TV 3 will pay the price of pandering to the giant sized ego / mouth of Paul Henry who was dumped from Aussie TV for his foul mouth and rapid loss of ratings and where his fellow workers couldn’t stand his egotistical outbursts and ignorance

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