Thursday, 20 February 2014

Mind The Gap a must see...

Bryan Bruce...Mind the Gap.

On Wednesday the 19th of February TV 3 broadcast the first real in depth programme on inequality in New Zealand. It showed a real and deeply embedded inequality, that is, without doubt, growing faster than in any other country in the developed world.

The programme was called ‘Mind the Gap’…and presented by Bryan Bruce. It proved that our present leader is a  bullshit artist as was Douglas, Richardson, English, Banks and of course Prebble, Clarke and Shipley. He and they all knew the system was failing but they pushed on, hoping that things might improve, or we’d have a world war to take our minds off the hoax that we were being subjected to. Thank God the war never came but the hoax continues.

The TV programme demonstrated clearly how greed and individualistic corruption has captured our society, its behaviors, and turned us into a dog eat dog society that feeds on itself. The Neo-liberal push was founded on a lie, in fact a big lie, one that today has become captured by the Wall Street crooks like Key and his cronies, the main stream media and it grows even greater because it is in fact a Ponzi scheme where those at the bottom get ripped off while those at the top make tax free fortunes.

Roger Douglas started it by being captured by Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher and believing the massive lie told by his advisors when he sold off the nations heart and soul. Hindsight and history proves to the world, that the economic path that Roger Douglas and a blind Labour Party took the nation down was the wrong one [Neo Liberalism] after the drunken Muldoon was finally given the boot. 

In fact it was criminal in so much as it was based on lies, lies and more lies. But alas greed has become the norm, common place, taught in our schools and Universities. A sinking middle class attempting to pretend that nothing had changed and that all will be well if we pay fewer benefits to those in need. Belief that trickle down actually works when in fact that belief is the pivot on which the Ponzi scheme develops its momentum and pumps the wealth upward.  

When the Labour government led by Lange finally imploded and tumbled crashing to the ground, the fat cats and rats fled the sinking ship and the waiting and equally greedy National Party was only too willing to re-crew the ship of state with more but different rats and fat cats and continue the Ponzi scheme imported from the US and Britain.

And right to this day both Labour and National have continued down the path of self destruction, corruption and outright dishonesty, in fact both political parties made dishonesty, lies and helping their cronies and their backers get fat a work of art…a master piece of duplicity and outright theft.

In fact most of the worse offenders were Knighted or honoured in some way, took their ill-gotten gains and fled the country to live in tax havens overseas. Later some of them came creeping back carrying there loot with them and then proceeded to buy their way into political takeovers, such as Key with National…Oh and they loved him he was a Ponzi man made good, a sort of a Steven Joyce God-Father type. If you have a bit of time spare and haven’t seen the documentary just go to:  

Slater Whale Oil blubber.

It was ironic that following this wonderful documentary was the programme “Sons of Anarchy”, which represents gang style activity, of murder, mayhem, and general Cameron Slater [Whale-Oil] life style behaviour and just to top-off the nights viewing the failed National Party Candidate, foul-mouthed dumped Aussie TV cast off Paul Henry proved exactly what failed right wing politicians’ end up like, at the end of their less than successful broadcasting careers.

I doubt he’d be working for TV 3 unless Steven Joyce was around and it was election year…the government has clearly positioned its clones in key spots in the MSM for the coming election period.  

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