Sunday, 16 February 2014

Manawatu Standard says YES SIR...

The Manawatu Standard does it yet again…it acts as a mouth piece for the National Party. The headline reads, “Greens’ solar policy dismissed”, not dismissed by the public, not dismissed by those who care about climate change, not dismissed by those who are presently being overcharged and ripped off by state owned or part owned electricity retailers. 

No it was dismissed by…wait for it John Key, our own magic money man and the man who bought the National Party leadership…the man who kisses Tony Abbott's feet, the Queens Corgi, Obama’s golf club, Hollywood moguls backsides, the man who makes New Zealanders’ cringe in shame every time he opens his mouth. King of political liars, he makes John Banks appear a saint.

He is of course supported by the Minister for overseas owned oil companies and a master of the ‘bad mouth’ brigade, Simon Bridges, you may remember him he was the wee guy who opened his mouth and let the wind blow his tongue around during a interview with John Campbell on Campbell Live that made Bridges look like an utter idiot..

So, Greens Co-Leader Russell Norman knows that the Greens policy for creating solar energy must be good for people, good for NZ, good for the environment and good for jobs, when mousey Key and mouthy Bridges [the M and M twins] oppose it.

Just think about it Key and Bridges have failed to create jobs, failed to control energy price increases, failed to make NZ proud to be Kiwi, failed to comply with NZ law…have scraped and cringed and failed to defend New Zealanders living in Australia, changing the law so that Kiwis living in Aussie can’t vote here in NZ while being banned from voting in Australia and yet at the same time supporting Australia treat ‘boat people’ like the NAZI treated the Jews by shipping them off to concentration camps in PNG and such places. This is the guy who spies on Dotcoms residence illegally and then denies that he does so, while releasing press releases saying how Winston Peters [NZF leader] and Russell Norman [Greens co-leader] have visited Dotcoms mansion. If you want to check out just how spooky our leader is checkout the following:

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jim said...

Excellent work these headlines must be refuted .Many thanks