Monday, 27 October 2014

Are we now a US state?

According to American news media and especially Fox news and its Republican nutcase owners America and therefore the entire free world; is under great threat from American self-defined enemies; and using the words of "Truthout":

“George W. Bush was right and the Iraq War was good so let's have another one because we're all going to be killed by those undocumented ISIS fighters who hate our freedom and have weapons of mass destruction and are in Texas right now with the Ebola they brought across the border and did I mention they’re going to kill us all if we don't die of Ebola first?

That's basically the gist of television "journalism" these days, the distilled essence of manufactured hysteria combined with utterly predictable blowback. When you gut medical preparedness at home, diseases have a way of erupting, and when you spend ten years indiscriminately dropping bombs abroad, the victims have a way of punching back… but hey, it's great for political campaigns, TV ratings and advertising dollars, right?

The people spreading this bad noise - politicians and "news" media entities alike - are being well-paid to do so. It furthers their combined agenda to have you climbing the walls in fear. If we do collapse as a society, it will not be because of Ebola or ISIS or immigrants or anything else. The virus that will end us is stupidity compounded by manufactured fear compounded by the deranged priorities of those who seek to terrorize you and then laugh all the way to the bank. [Truthout ends]

Not only are the Americans demanding that we buy into this propaganda spin but that we also put New Zealanders at risk of being killed as they carry out the instructions of a nation that cares little about the lives of its own people.
To our Prime Minister the Americans are heroes after all they invented Wall Street which in turn he used to make millions of dollars ripping off investors in his crazy Ponzi like derivatives schemes that have all ended up on the scrap heap leaving hundreds of thousands of people broke and in debt while his masters were all bailed out by tax payers. 

Of course he had jumped ship carrying a big bag of loot and brought himself the leadership of the National Party using good mates like Cameron Slater and his father and Michelle Boag and various other rat-bags like John Banks [awaiting prison time] Simon Lusk all of whom he now claims he’s never heard off, nor communicated with [as Prime Minister]. John Key makes George W Bush look honest and intelligent. This once again from Truthout with add-ins from me, underlined]

So you can now expect to hear that ‘Ebola’ is being carried into the US [and New Zealand] by members of ISIS sneaking over our borders - but climate change is not a real threat.
And that America’s foreign policy [which is also ours] is carried out for the good of all mankind and that President Obama is too hard on Wall Street and too soft on immigrants and Muslims (because he’s secretly a socialist and a friend of Nicky Hager).

And there’s no racism or sexism in the US worth speaking about - except against white people and men.

None of the above is true. But you wouldn’t know it from watching the news or reading most corporate media publications.

Sometimes, it seems the more blatant the inaccuracies and misrepresentation, the louder it gets pumped out - as if mainstream media outlets are competing to see who can tell the most lies. 

The truth is, today’s media environment is hyper-competitive. Those in media who aren’t anchored by principles, who care only about staying in business and turning a profit, will stoop to anything: whether its advertisements disguised as news stories, misleading headlines, or just straight-up out-and-out falsehoods. The facts and the public interest don’t matter. [Truthout ends]

The picture below tells the story of US crap-in-action here in good old Hobbit land:

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