Thursday, 16 October 2014

Win a holiday for four in Hawaii.

Wheelers Corner is fully supporting the National Party Goal of locating and rewarding a couple of heroic [social?] workers who have over the last six years worked really hard to achieve the covert goals issued by the PM’s Department back in 2008.
Now that the 2014 election is over and National is firmly in control of New Zealand’s humble and meek population it can up its search for some of its missing and very important individuals who could continue to play a vital and leading role in expanding the ever growing need for our secret services [GCSB, SIS, Five Eyes, etc.] to be able to maintain their covert activities to stop the growth of groups, such as the Islamic State and its NZ Branch.
Nicky Hager.

Here are two of the key players who went missing during the pre-election period and especially after the release of the Nicky Hager book ‘Dirty Politics’.
These individuals were, with the help of the governments ‘Black Op’s team’, the key players in changing the way the masses were controlled and manipulated, especially the media. Now that the election is over the public would like them to come out of hiding so that they can be publicly reward and even knighted.  

Most wanted and top of the list is:
Simon Lusk

Simon Lusk, he was last seen heading off from his home on a ‘hunting’ trip into the deep dark depths of the Hawkes-Bay region. His four-wheel drive Range-Rover was known to be loaded to the hilt with half a dozen hunting rifles, sleeping bags, a mobile toilet, a lap-top computer and a few cartons of Tui. A tent with a huge photograph of John Key shaking hands with Obama embossed onto the canvas was also seen to have been packed along with various CD’s of an adult nature.  
The Prime Minister says that Simon Lusk was and still is a vital player in the war against terrorism here in NZ. Simon has over the last few years gathered around him various individuals who understand the manner by which individuals have used IS terrorist methods to achieve political objectives. Cameron Slater, Kelvin Davis, Stewart Nash, Jamie Lee-Ross and Paul Goldsmith plus other less known minor players like now discarded Judith Collins all agree that Simon Lusk was a key financial broker and action-man in the PR spin operation to get those of a ultra-right-wing gender into power which is of course is very closely aligned to the Islamic-State mode of operations.
The NZ Police are uncertain if all the weapons being carried by Lusk are legally registered and licenced but the PM has assured them that he is most comfortable about the situation, and that they should simply keep their eyes on Nicky Hager as he is a far more dangerous threat to the peace and tranquillity of NZ.
So naturally the police along with the GCSB will look the other way regarding the legality of Lusk’s weapons of mass destruction.

Second on the list is that strange ex-Prime Ministers Departmental ‘Black-Op’s’ agent and computer hacker Jason Ede.
Jason Ede

He went into hiding in early September when he was named as the National Party employee who when working directly out of the PM’s office broke into the Labour Party’s computer hard drive and stole their membership records.
At first the PM in line with his normal practice couldn’t remember just who Jason Ede actually was, in the same way as he had never heard of Kim Dotcom, but when it was pointed out to the PM that he worked in the office next door to the PM for over four years the PM was force to concede that…he might have possibly met him.
Sadly for the PM Jason Ede came out from under the rock for a couple of hours and decided to formally resign from his job [title unknown] with the National Party, this was vital if he was to prove he was unemployed so that he could receive a benefit.
But the day after getting his back-pay and bonus cheque from the National Party President he went into hiding again and hasn’t been seen since. When the police were approached by Ede’s friends who reported him as missing, they naturally went to the PM for advice [as they do for all things political these days]

I have been informed via very senior police sources [Wheelers Corner Eavesdropper] that the police were told that the PM was comfortable with the present state of affairs and that the police should mainly concern themselves with the situation of Nicky Hager and his family since the public are feeling so hostile toward the left-wing conspiracy theorist writer who had disclosed untruths about Jason Ede and the National Party dirty tricks operations. 

In fact John Key, Obama’s best mate, has inferred that Nicky Hager may have close links to the Islamic State terrorists…the police are taking this very seriously and are putting a couple of hundred staff on investigating this possible connection between IS and a mad conspiracy theorist and investigative author and journalist, who is rated one of the top rated investigative journalist in the world. 

They hope to report to the PM once their Five Eyes friends have checked out Nick Hager and his families phone calls, emails, and toilet habits.

So if you can help locate Simon Lusk or Jason Ede please do so just send your information to this blog site or to John Key at and be in to win a free 14 day holiday in Hawaii for four, a possible knighthood and even employment in the Beehive's 'Black-Ops' team. 

The holiday for four is sponsored by a unnamed Chinese millionaire with close connections to milk exports and Judith Collins.

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