Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Camp Cringe questions...

Miss Key wins fashion parade
I’m a bit of a rugby buff, I played the game from aged eight until about thirty something and I refereed the game for a half a dozen years after that. But since the game became professional I’ve lost my deep regard for the game as such.
Before it was sport now its work, before it was character building now its income earning. Like so many activities these days its value is based on money.
Of course a Rugby World Cup is a handy event to have during an election because it takes peoples minds off the main game which is the state of the nation. Maybe we should ask ourselves some questions so that we get some balance in regard to importance.
Which is more important?

·         The All Blacks defeating France in pool A or two hundred plus thousand children living in poverty?
·         Or maybe we should compare the All Blacks beating England in the semi finals as against having people not being able to afford milk or cheese or having the largest prison population outside of the USA.
·         We could even consider the differences between beating South Africa in the final with lets say reducing the gap between the haves and the others.

While shouting for joy as each game is won or lost we should never forget the reality of life as it actually exists…the cost of attending the rugby world cup final [for one person] is around four to six months worth of power bills…

In Palmerston North we’ve spent more on the RWC hype than we have to help clean up our river…and we got only two minor pool games.

The Catholic church is now suggesting that if Jesus was to return he would appear in the shape of an All Black...wrong...if Jesus was to return he would return as a member of the unemployed class, he would be possibly a solo dad and his mom be a solo mum. Jesus was no pal of the wealthy, politicans and their kind... 

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