Thursday, 29 September 2011

NZ's own Tea Party gang spends up large...

Steven Joyce Nationals chief spinner and ex radio station owner

Pay back for a soft loan: Mediaworks has organised for John Key to be broadcast on their failing radio stations, no doubt they will use their women’s reporter, Paul Henry or Michael Laws to do soft interviews and or have others ring in with guided questions. It is amazing what fools money can buy.
This is the crowd that was once owned by Steven Joyce and who out of the blue and against advice received a very soft loan of around 42 million dollars from tax payers [you and I] when they were on the very edge of going broke. And we should never forget that brave phone tapping expert Robert Murdock owns a large hunk of them. Now it would seem that they are repaying the favour in kind…Fox News and the Republican Tea Party have arrived in our fair land, invited in by our own PM.

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