Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Horizons PNCC PR Grap

Past Councillor and PN Mayoral candidate Michael Feyen has sent this to the Manawatu Standard and I agree with every word. This is simply proof of the public relations grap pumped out by those who preach honesty but fail to live up to their claims. When found out they simply move into 'Blame mode'...here is what Michael wrote... 
Hello Editor,
PNCC are rightly being blamed for high levels of river pollution by Horizons.  This outcome has occurred as the direct result of continual pressure on Horizons by many determined people and groups to better look after our waterways. As every sewer rat will do when cornered, Horizons have turned on whom ever else they can to put the blame onto. Make no mistake, Horizons are at fault as they have overall responsibility for guardianship of our waterways. PNCC Management also has a case to answer. I absolutely agree with Councilor Teo Sherrell's assertion that PNCC councilors (past councilor in my case) were misled or at best mis-guided by PNCC Management during the numerous times we tried to question them in relation to the various discharges into the river.  For Council Management to claim ignorance of consent breaches is plainly untrue. If we knew and they were doing their job, they must have known.  Mayor Naylor constantly stymied management being questioned on these matters and my guess is will now claim to be in shock that he had no knowledge of the city's effect on our river. All this from the leaders of our River Accord. Baloney. 
Michael Feyen

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