Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The life of a Policeman...or SIS operative.

Video Justice Rules 2011
The Law and its enforcers

It must be really hard these days to be a policeman or woman. Firstly you must obey the law, be an upright citizen, pay your taxes, and keep to the speed limit and so on.
You can’t as a policeman join the local Black Power gang or be on the board of financial failures like South Canterbury Finance or even belong to groups like Green Peace. You are restricted in voicing your own opinions over matters like abortions and witch craft in Christchurch kindergartens. You even have to get permission to trespass and photograph private individuals who you think are breaking the laws of the land. You may even have to answer questions about your fellow policemen that have been accused of raping or having sexual connections with others. All this is unfair after all you are a policeman or police officer. You watch the imitation police on television in shows like LA Law shoot the bad guys and yet you are not even allowed to carry a weapon on your daily rounds, how unfair is that. You watch politicians and business people take kick backs, you watch as financial companies rip off citizens and you are supposedly prevented from doing just that, how fair is that you ask. The public wants you to get tough on crime, the politicians cry for tougher penalties each election year…it’s tough being a policeman or woman. So why do you do it?
So why do others do what they do?
Why are Doctors doing what they do, to save life, help the sick, cure the ill. Why do Teachers do what they do, to educate those needing to learn, to impart knowledge to the uneducated.
The police are there to uphold the law and they do that by enforcing the rules by which we govern ourselves.
When doctors fail to uphold their oath to save life they are struck off, when teachers fail to educate their authority to teach is removed, but when police break the laws they swore to uphold…the laws are changed so that they can’t be prosecuted…surely that’s not fair. This from Gordon Campbell of Scoop. 
“It would be easier to respect the law if – repeatedly – the Police and SIS didn’t seem so willing to break it whenever it suits them, while relying on the politicians to come along and clean up the mess they leave behind.
Ordinary citizens don’t have that luxury. They have to respect the law that exists. Yet that isn’t the sort of thing that seems to bother Mr Plod unduly, or our Spy vs. Spy operatives. Perhaps they have more important things in mind”…Gordon Campbell.

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