Friday, 2 September 2011

So we now have another ex-military Governor General, the last military officer [Sir Bernard Fergusson] was appointed by the Queen. After that appointment we removed the right for the Queen to appoint our Governors’ General, and we swore we would never again have a military appointment. John Key broke that rule…we should never forget that the GG is appointed by the PM only, and does what the PM says, if he doesn’t he gets the sack and the PM appoints someone who will carry out his instructions. The GG is not elected and has no mandate as such. Can you imagine the GG refusing to sign some law passed under urgency in the dead of the night that the majority of the population opposes, military men are normally used to carrying out orders not opposing them? Still I wish the new GG all the best I’m sure he is honest and I sincerely hope that he is different to the last GG appointed by the Queen. Sir Bernard Fergusson whose history as a British commander during the 2nd WW was highly respected but his background in the British Military during the occupation of Palestine was somewhat suspect.   

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