Friday, 30 September 2011

The Week That Was...

Key takes over Radioworks.
The week that was:

The PM’s radio Show was a great success, he introduced his recipe for State House scones and he swore that replacing milk with water would help the family budget. He also passed on a few helpful hints about how to avoid paying tax by declaring one self bankrupt and only paying ten cents in the dollar on ones powerbill. The PM’s love of
Coronation Street
went down a treat and two listeners phoned in and said they supported his view that the riots in London had nothing to do with changing the viewing hours of
Coro Street
Response to his first show was overwhelming according to Steven Joyce: Over 80% said that the saving by replacing milk with water would save around ten dollars per week and that they would invest that saving into shares in Mediaworks. On the downside, the new CEO of Fonterra contacted the station and warned that using less milk would see at least ten farmers go bankrupt and could lead to a further down grade of the NZ dollar.
Cabinet met and agreed to pass under urgency a bill banning the use of water in State House scones and that covert video cameras will be placed in all kitchens of those earning less than 50 thousand dollars, to ensure compliance. Police and SIS will be given special powers to enforce the new law…

While questions are being asked about the death of yet another SAS soldier while mentoring our friends in Afghanistan, the man who gave them that task to please our very good American buddies, who are withdrawing their troops, talks on radio about Coronation Street and how he is going to talk to some one VERY important about the viewing time for the programme. Its bloody amazing really, that the top man in NZ is in denial over what our troops are up to and we receive a credit rating chop, while he sounding like aunt Daisy on the radio talks about Coronation Street crap. Gosh he makes Paul Henry and Michael Laws appear intelligent and that is no easy task.

On the local scene, it was good to see that Nat’s PN candidate Leonie Hapeta is taking the advice of her mentor / manager Michael Feyen and speaking out on the dirty river episode. This is much more progressive than simply re-cycling National Party head office fill in the gaps draft press releases. Perhaps she may now comment on issues like, credit down grading, deaths in Afghanistan, youth unemployment, rising food costs, police law breaking and other matters of local and national importance…but hey you need a sense of community to do that. So don’t hold your breath…

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