Friday, 23 September 2011

Shameful unbecoming cowardly behaviour

Pigs can get out of the Manawatu River. 

I've already posted an item on the gutless behaviour of the Manawatu Regional Council regarding its handling of river pollution of our river by the Palmerston North City Council. The lack of courage by the MRC in failing to uphold the rules it has been entrusted with by its citizens, is both shameful and cowardly and is unbecoming. Ian Ritchie a community activist wrote the following;

River Pollution
It is now obvious that the Regional Council politicians are the block to that Council carrying out its statutory functions and cleaning the Manawatu River. They are obviously amenable to political pressure and this takes precedence over statutory requirements.
The City Mayor’s earlier denial of knowledge of the discharge breaches, smells very like ….! For him to then ask for the latest report exposing the situation is duplicitous and demonstrates shame and guilt and to use his political influence to block the implementation of steps to achieve the Accord he has endorsed, makes a public mockery of that Accord and his own ability to make meaningful commitments.
For an ex-mayor Regional Councillor to close down discussion of the issue appears to also demonstrate a conflict of interest.
No wonder our river has its appalling international reputation, but now we at least know where the guilt lies.
Perhaps the Councillors should be replaced by commissioners in the same way the Canterbury Council was replaced – people committed to doing the job the Act requires!
Here’s hoping the ex planning and regulatory group manager finds a job where there is commitment to doing what is required by statute and he is supported in carrying out his job rather than being undermined"


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