Friday, 30 December 2011

Another view on US Seals...


In support of my earlier blog of a letter sent the Manawatu Standard Ian Ritchie wrote:

Dear Sir

I write in support of the assessment by Peter Wheeler (Standard, 29 December) that the US military Seals represent the opposite of the world’s greatest group – they are murderers and assassins.
But then that hypocrisy typifies the US position on so many escapades.
Take Operation Enduring Freedom – the war on Afghanistan – enduring freedom for who – US corporate interests of course. Certainly not the Afghanis. If Bin Laden was the objective, Saudi Arabia would have been the target. If the “terrible” plight of Afghani women was the target, we will of course expect Israel to be invaded to rescue Israeli women from the astounding attitude of their fundamentalist clerics. So why is Afghanistan being bombed into the stone age it had barely left because several other countries had tried to take it over? For the benefit of the US economy of course. Freedom from the Taliban – not likely.

Not satisfied with one war to keep the US economy afloat they had to move on to Iraq to bomb it into the stone age – again for spurious justifications – but really for the benefit of US corporations who now own the resources of that country.

If the US Seals were what they are cracked up to be,  Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein would have been summarily dealt to the way Bin Laden was, but not after 10 years of bombing with millions of “collateral damage” .

As the WWII saying went, when the Germans flew over, we ducked, when the British flew over, they ducked, when the Americans flew over everyone ducked. Seems little changes.

If your own experience doesn’t confirm this, read Nicky Hager’s latest book – Other People’s Wars, and see how you feel after that. A really good and important new year read.

Yours etc
Ian Ritchie

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