Thursday, 15 December 2011


The power of the people has been demonstrated, John Key has caved in because over six thousand people put the pressure proves that he is popularity driven and lacks any real backbone. Here is the good news...thanks to all involved..
Dear Peter,
Incredible news. Moments ago John Key’s government got directly in touch with the Auckland Sexual Abuse Crisis Centre, committing to “continued funding for the next 6 months” and pledging to work with them to ensure “a sustainable service for the future”.

It’s an extraordinary victory -- for you and everyone else who has been part of the explosion of support for Kirsty McCully’s petition to save the centre.
Just a few short days ago things weren’t looking good. Funding was running desperately low, staff were about to be laid off and almost no one in the public or media was paying attention to the plight of the centre. No one in government was admitting they had responsibility -- in fact no one would even return the centre’s desperate calls.
Kirsty McCully used to work at the centre as a researcher into the prevention of sexual violence in Auckland. She worked alongside what she described as “tireless and committed crisis line counselling staff” and saw how they “are there for people when no one else is, and when no one else understands”.
Kirsty could not accept the closure of this critical service -- so she started a petition to John Key, and worked overtime to contact friends, family, staff and anyone she could think of to get involved. Support for her campaign exploded across the country, as thousands joined her in an urgent call to save the centre.

More than seven thousand people signed Kirsty’s petition on, hundreds posted messages directly to John Key on his Facebook wall, and media attention took off. In fact, PM Key was even questioned about his plans for the centre at a press conference today.

It’s an extraordinary example of people power, and a testament to the power of anyone, anywhere to start, join and win campaigns about issues they care about.

Thank you -- for being a part of saving this critical service, for the sexual abuse survivors who will now have somewhere to turn at their darkest moments, and for the staff who can now continue focusing on their important front line work.

Nick, Suzanne, Bobbi, Tony, Nathan and the team.

P.S. Kirsty has won an incredible victory today -- but if there’s something else that you’re passionate about changing in your community, you can start your own petition at any time. Click here to get started.
P.P.S. If you want to sign up to hear ongoing updates about Auckland Sexual Abuse Help Centre, or become an ongoing supporter, you can sign up to their email list here.

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