Monday, 26 December 2011

Assassins Get Team of the Year award.

Are these people the real assassins?

Reference Manawatu Standards item Seals Top Team…Tuesday 27th December 2011:

Seals are mammals that Greenpeace seek to protect from fishing nets…American seals are soldiers who carry out murder or assassination orders from the US government. They are so ineffective that only after ten years of invasion and destruction by other US military units, and after the loss of three thousand US troops, wait there is more, the deaths of an estimated two hundred thousand innocent by-standers a group of US military seals, illegally entered an independent country and murdered Osama Bin Laden and members of his family, there was no fire fight, no tactical battle, just land in a helicopter and blast your way in and murder the occupants, some heroes…
And for that the Times Newspaper [UK] awarded them the “Team of the Year”…
It could only happen in the US. And little backwoods paper the Manawatu Standard published this PR Crap.
Firstly any soldier worth his or her salt would deny any association with such a military force as the US Seals…not for what they are, but for what they do, on their President’s command. Put simply they are sick, both in body and mind. They are known to have assassinated many individuals whom the US Government considered enemies.
Our media and many in our government support this criminal behaviour and try to blanket it in a glow of heroism. There is nothing heroic about it. It is both cowardly and criminal. Bin Laden needed to be brought to justice, not murdered by state trained assassins and that’s the truth. To suggest others wise is not Christian or human no matter how you look at it, unless of course you believe you are God and rule the world. 
PS, check out the photo and see the medals the Air-Force guy has, how many of those where recieved for murdering innocent civillians.. 

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