Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Eavesdropper in the Square


I see they are occupying the Square...

The Square in Palmerston North was windy as usual, the wind gusts beat a zigzag path from the south to the north and on its way it spread the brown and yellow leaves across the walkways and paths.
The park bench was protected somewhat by the clock tower with its strange cross incased in plastic that had replaced the plain cross of day’s gone bye.
Sitting on that bench were a couple of young people, male and female, they looked like university students, I sat on the grass behind them and the wind carried their conversation in my direction and I listened in after turning up the volume on my newly renovated Sally Whites. What they were discussing was topical and interesting so with your consent I’ll share some of it with you…after all that’s what eavesdroppers do.

“Do you think it would catch on”,
“I can’t see why not”,
“It’ll take a bit of planning”,
“That’s true but what else have we got to do, there are no vacation jobs these days”,
“I’m sure the students union will pitch in”
“OK, let’s do it, now what will be our major cause or will we have more than one”,
“Well there is the lockout by that stupid meat company in Marton, that’s a reason on its own”’
“Yeah, that’s true and then there is the take over by the government of the students association, plus the latest increase in student fees”,
“Then there is the introduction of the American charter school system, which is really stupid since the American school system is rated one of the worst in the world whereas ours is rated third, beat that for stupidity”,
“Then there is the business of the tax payer gifting South Canterbury Finance 1.5 billion dollars so they could rob us blind and they now reckon the directors were all crooks,
It doesn’t say much for our Minister of Finance, he must be really dumb”,
“And while we are at it, let’s demand a change to the financial system that keeps ripping us off”…

I sipped my take away coffee from the Espresso Café and wondered just what these two intelligent young people had in mind. Whatever it was I hoped it might shake up things in this city of ours. Our council appears to have been in hibernation for the last year or so, what with de-motorising the Christmas parade, and Cr. Broad… moaning about Feilding taking the mickey out of us, not exactly exciting stuff. Does our council actually exist?

“Right then lets do it, so where do we start”
“I’ll get in touch with the Students Association”
“And I’ll get in touch with the Meat Workers Union, oh and I know the various teacher groups will be interested”,
“I’ll borrow dad’s tent and barbeque and gas bottle and we’ve both got sleeping bags, so I suppose you could say we’ll have a camping holiday in the Square”.

It looks as if “Occupy the Square” could be on the cards…are you interested? If you are why not join the planning team, and assist…

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