Sunday, 4 December 2011

A pair of yellow jeans...

Date scones and a card will do. 
The Plaza in Palmerston North is always buzzing with interesting conversation at this time of the year. The one I’ve recorded for you is between a Mother and daughter. It touched my heart for it represented the real spirit of Christmas and yes I do have a heart. I’m not too good at picking the ages of older children but she looked around twelve to fourteen years of age. They were sitting on one of those hard wooden benches in the main walkway near the Ice Cream Parlor…the ones where you take a well-earned break from shopping till you drop.
“Yes dear”
“It’s just not fair”
“What’s not fair?
“Why can’t I buy those neat yellow jeans?
“Because they are too expensive, I’ve already told you that twice”.
“But Mom…”
“I’m sorry but I told you before we left home that sixteen dollars was your limit and those jeans are fifty seven dollars and besides that you've a perfectly good pair of jeans at home”.
“But Mom my friend Julie has a pair of yellow jeans, why cant I?
“While it may seem unfair at your age it’s a fact of life Julie’s parents have a lot more money than we do”.
“I don’t care…if I don’t get those jeans…I’ll just die!
“I hope not, I’d miss you terribly, but there is a way you could get those jeans”.
“How, I’ve only got sixteen dollars and they cost fifty seven?
“If you saved your sixteen dollars pocket money each week in about a month you’d have enough to buy them”
“I never thought of that, but that would mean I couldn’t buy you a Christmas present could I”.
“Oh darling, if you save for your jeans, I’m most happy to just get a hand made card and maybe you can make some of your delicious date scones”.
“Truly…scones and a card would be OK?
“Absolutely, so do we have a deal? You save your pocket money and I get a card and date scones”.
“Alright I’ll do my very best to save, do I still get a Christmas present?
“Yes, in fact I’ve already got something in mind”…
I thought to myself, if only the worlds’ financial kingpins displayed this mother’s wisdom and satisfaction with the simple pleasures of life…scones instead of Champagne…saving instead of greed… people instead of possessions. Have a happy Christmas and take a break during your Christmas shopping and look after yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Not bad at all Pete, It surely touch a spot ...I 2 have a heart big brother....regards to u.