Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Thank you all...

Xmas spirit in action.

Christmas is a time to thank you the reader, along with all those who have kept me on track and brought me down to earth when need be…Ian Ritchie and Larry Haist who weekly offer advice, the team at Access Manawatu and of course Sally White and her team who make sure I can hear what’s being said. To all those who sent me their opinions and views even if they differed from mine they were all hugely important. It was a big year with the Rugby World Cup and the elections and some major events, the Christchurch Earthquake and its recovery continues to capture the headlines, as does the loss of life at Pike River.

The biggest cringe was by Media Works as it repaid its debt to the Government by giving the PM his own radio show, equaled only by the Maori Party cuddling up to the Nats.

There is one person who stood out for me and it was Dale Anderson who is introducing a programme named ‘Project Taukana’ that could change the way we live, it is being done without fanfare and PR hype.

The biggest social change to hit us is and will continue to grow is the ‘Occupy Movement’ it could well be the biggest political game changer for many decades.

Wheeler’s Corner weekly email will be in hibernation until mid January 2012…my radio programme will continue as usual each Thursday at 11.45am and I will be posting on my blog from time to time at

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