Thursday, 15 December 2011

Justice and Media is stupid at times

Justice is sometimes stupid.

It’s not hard to understand why journalists wages are just above the minimum wage…In a page two item in the Manawatu Standard [Friday 16th December] reporter Jimmy Ellingham wrote a small item on a twenty year old beneficiary who was before the court for shoplifting…two boxes of chocolates…value five dollars in total…from Pak ‘n Save.
The reporter should be ashamed of himself, for he named the person involved for a five dollar crime, for which the Judge Gregory Ross did not order any repayment. I wonder who got to keep the chocolates.
The reporter it would seem picked up on a quote from the judge “It’s called Pak ‘n Save, not pinch and Save”, if the reporter was worth his minimum wage he should have written an item on the so-called wittiness of the judges stupid statement.
My estimate of the cost of bringing the so-called criminal to justice would be around five thousand dollars, [Police, Court, Lawyers, Newspapers, Pac ‘N Save, etc]
If we keep this style of justice and follow the Sensible Sentencing Trusts plans I suppose the shoplifter would have been jailed for life. No wonder the country is broke. No wonder the newspaper staff is paid so little or why our police are over worked.

As an after thought, would this taken place if the person involved was the son or daughter of the Editor of theManawatu Standard, or the Judge, or the District Police Commander, or a Political figure... somehow I doubt it. For justice is not blind. Imagine if a All Black was in this postion with out doubt their name would have been suppressed...

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Anonymous said...

the standard has been guilty of this type of bottom feeding for years. who they report on in court just depends what other local news is in the paper. obviously that week they had to dip extra low..