Sunday, 1 April 2012

Jerry new Ambassador to Finland

With all our ambassadors on strike and flying home to meet with the Foreign Affairs Minister to discuss their industrial action the Prime Minister has decided to send temporary Ambassadors to various key locations. Jerry Brownlee [pictured] will take up the post in Finland; he was considered the most suitable person for the role because of his deep understanding and knowledge about the Finnish people, especially the female gender and the criminal system. His deep and caring nature was another trait that was considered as a prime skill for this important post. The New Zealand people are very keen to see Big Jerry represent them that they are offering to help purchase a one way ticket to Finland since Foreign Affairs have run out of money.  In a statement to the media Jerry Brownlee said, “that he was deeply honoured by the PM’s selection of him, and that he would put his best foot forward in this new task allocated to him, once he found out just where Finland was he’d work out his travel arrangements so as he could quickly help lift Finland out of its third world status”. Judith Collins is going to Russia and Nick Smith to Afghanistan…the new minister of ACC is presently being auctioned off to the highest bidder and the Minister of Local Government position won’t be filled to save money.  

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