Friday, 6 April 2012


How does our Prime Minister justify and defend gambling and secretly trading off our laws to make a few bucks from his Mafia style bribe offer with a Casino that rips off people in their thousands on a daily basis. His behaviour makes one ashamed to be a New Zealander.  
Secretly Steven Joyce is discussing with Sky City Casino the ways and means of ensuring that Sky City makes heaps more in gambling profits. This deal is even worse than the deal done with Warner Brothers when the Nats sold off our labour laws to Hollywood.

Sky City is the crowd that gave John Banks and Len Brown $15000 each for their Mayoral election campaigns. At least Brown declared the donation whereas Banks failed to do so.

Changing gambling laws to increase pokies numbers by up to 500 at the overseas owned casino and loosen advertising restrictions and pay out ratios which will lift Sky City income by up to forty million per year… just so we get an cheap and nasty convention center that looks like a child’s worse nightmare, and with a brothel just across the road, which is most appropriate since our Prime Ministers pimping for the gambling industry is so obvious and not unlike his past career in the now collapsed murky and Ponzi type finance industry. Pimps come in various shapes and sizes but regardless they are pimps never-the-less.

Listening to John Key defend gambling by trading off moral principles makes me wonder if he knows what day it is…or that he is in fact Prime Minister, after all he did a deal with the
Māori Party to look at ways of controlling gambling by reducing the harm it does in our communities, in fact just the other day the Māori Party introduced a Bill on the subject to Parliament where they said:

Umpteen pieces of research tell us that problem gambling can have devastating consequences on individuals and whānau. Those consequences can be demonstrated in relationship breakdowns, financial ruin, psychological distress, criminal offending, imprisonment, and suicide. So you could say that it severely compromises the potential of whānau.
The Māori Party takes this issue really seriously, so when we had the opportunity to enter into a relationship agreement with the National Government we made social hazards part of our negotiations. So we are really thrilled that National agreed to support this bill’s referral to the select committee, and we hope that it will do so through subsequent phases”.
Since this bill was introduced on a Thursday the Prime Minister wasn’t, as is normal, present in the house, he doesn’t work on a Thursday, or at least he never appears in the chamber on a Thursday. So our part time PM will likely claim that he didn’t know about the bill…

Sky City's pokies only return 2% to the Community whereas pub charities have to return 37%. So Smirky Key’s is not doing our needy communities any favours…it would seem based on what few comments the media has managed to wring out of Key or his front man Steven Joyce on this issue is that he didn’t know that vital and very important fact.

Seriously folks I’m beginning to wonder if Key is a Kiwi or an US Citizen here on holiday, you decide. We’ve got the Sky City secret deal, the Warner Brothers pay off, the soft loans to Media Works, the Mr. Dotcom affair on behalf of the FBI and our military handing over prisoners for torture in the US where torture has been made legal. What the hell is going on in our fair country? It’s not just about what Key and Joyce are doing is legally correct but also about if it is ethically and or morally correct. And that is a very serious question.

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