Wednesday, 25 April 2012

NZ's biggest gambler...

Key a big pokie fan…fails to front on Q&A.

Paul Holmes must be heading towards forced relocation [words used by Talley’s for sacking staff] his effort on Q & A was about 4 out of 10, of course he wasn’t helped by that strange woman from Massey, Dr. Claire Robinson who is simply a future Nats candidate in waiting based on her defence of the PM’s idiotic behaviour in regard to the Sky City stuff up. She lacks even a fraction of ex-panelist Dr. Jon Johansson knowledge and foresight he is a political analyst worthy of the name.
Things are going from bad to worse when Steven Joyce, the king of political spin has to front up to spin his yarns so as to protect the PM and his bad night at the Casino tables. He even suggested that Goldman Sachs were nothing more than failed money brokers and often got things wrong…true…the PM was one of them as I recall…and he got a hell of a lot wrong. So much for Steven Joyce’s future as a Nats leader…Bill English must be having a good laugh watching him try to spin his way out of harms way while fronting for the PM. Still we now all know that Joyce and Key…just love pokies.
Key the king-pin deal maker seems to have forgotten that while you may get away with shonky deals on behalf of other rip-off artists, this is New Zealand and we demand decency, transparency and honesty, a trait not obvious in his Government.

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