Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ponzi Like Deal in the making...

So now we know…John Key and his lobbyist mate Mark Unsworth are sleeping in the same bed. Unsworth, he is the guy with the free pass into parliament to chat with whom ever he wishes, and is a great mate of Smirky Key, they even relax together so I’m told. He is also the chief lobbyist for Sky City…who Key just happens to be selling our legal system to so they can make heaps of dollars off the backs those crooked pokie machines that John [Smirky] Key just loves. Strange that don’t you think…well you shouldn’t be after all Smirky did the same sort of deal with Warner Brothers when he sold off our industrial laws and for what…”to be seen shaking hands with Peter Jackson”.

Sky City Smirky Key do some back scratching

John Key seems to think that because he was successful at ripping off the so-called financial markets some years back and gaining millions, not through hard work, but through manipulation of shonky deals, that he can do the same thing today. Back then his bosses were international corporation rip-off king pins but now his boss is you and I and we shouldn’t allow our laws to be used for such Ponzi like deals. For a Ponzi like scheme it is because the masses that do the paying get nothing back…name any convention centre that’s paid its way?
Have a close look at who gets what out of this secret deal between Key, Unsworth and Sky City.

Sky City converts a building into a so-called convention centre, and in return they are given hundreds of one-arm-bandits to add the thousand they already have which allows them to make an extra forty million dollars per year. I estimate that it will take them about three years to pay off their building. What do we get, well we get the increase in crime that always follows pokie machines, we get the harm that’s always increased with one-arm-bandits, and we get the social upheaval that always follows the gamming industry which always has a close connection to and with loan sharks, crooks and the under-world that’s involved in money laundering and such like.

This deal stinks of corruption, of gifts for mates, and should be investigated by the police. If Key can set the police on a public conversation between him and John Banks, who just happened to take thousands from Sky City without declaring the fact, then he could set the police the task of sorting out this shady deal with Sky City. His late revelation that he was doing this deal as the minister of Tourism simply won’t wash; it is simply bull-S…   

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