Saturday, 14 April 2012

Parental leave veto from father of six...

Bill English, the father of a rather large family and many houses has said "that the government will veto a bill introducing parental leave increases". [From 14 to 25 weeks]
Why because we can’t afford it. Now this is strange when you consider for just a moment, that the government has agreed to spend an extra two hundred million on defence equipment for our army and navy as it assists the US fight its many wars.

Bill English the minister of finance is also on a committee studying the harm being done to children yet he seems to not even understand that the first few months of a child’s life is when bonding takes place.

Many mothers are forced to return to work quickly because of the state of their finances. It sounds as Bill English is saying that if you are in some financial difficulty you should not be having children. Just imagine if our parents did that, half of us wouldn’t have been born. English failed to recognise the backlash now taking place and with John Key [Smirky] no doubt on holiday in Hawaii yet again, he has had face the music on his own and he is now attempting to justify the unjustifiable. New Zealand lags behind the rest of the world in regard to paid parental leave. Even Jerry Brownlee’s favourite country Finland has a much better record than New Zealand in this field, but hey what’s new…English knows that a Majority of parliament supports the bill, even that lap dog ‘puppy’ Peter Dunne, although its likely that he knew English would veto the bill, hence his support for it, he likes to cover his bets. One last thing when the majority of Parliament approves something isn't that democratic rule...or do I not live in NZ...

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