Friday, 27 April 2012

A unforgetable conversation with John Banks

Honest John Banks forgets who he is. 

Eavesdropper tunes in on a recent conversation between John Banks [the one with the memory loss] and Mr. Dotcom, [the one the FBI wants shipped to the USA]. The law states that if a candidate knows who made a donation to his or her Mayoral Campaign then that donation MUST be declared. A Wheeler’s Corner blog asked that question some months ago…it would seem that we now have the answer…money, heaps of it.

“Hi, take a seat, would you like a glass of red or white”, said Mr. Dotcom.
“Red would be fine thanks”, says JB.
“It’s nice to see you again”, DC
“We’ve met…JB
“Oh yes you remember you gave the toast at my birthday bash”. DC
‘I did, I don’t remember…JB
“Do you remember when I offered you fifty thousand for your mayoral campaign? DC
“No I’m sorry I don’t remember that…JB
“How can that be, you told me to donate it in two twenty-five thousand blocks”, DC
“I did”. JB
“Yes you did”, DC
“I’m sorry I can’t remember doing that you must be confusing me with someone else”. JB
Are you telling me that there were two John Banks running for mayor? DC
“I don’t know I just can’t remember it was so long ago”, JB
“Have you seen a doctor about your loss of memory? DC
“No but I’ll be seeing my lawyer shortly”, JB
“Good because I wish to tell the FBI that I donated fifty thousand to your campaign funds for the mayoral race”. DC
“Do you really have to”, JB
“It’s for your own good, I mean how can you be a Minister when you can even remember who I am and I’m not small like you, and that I gave you fifty thousand dollars, and that you wished me happy birthday not so long ago”, said Mr. Dotcom sadly as he patted John Banks on the head.
“Don’t do that! Shouted JB, “John Key does that to me all the time, he treats me like a pet poodle”…he was screaming as Dotcoms security team carried him from the room. The conversation was over

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