Thursday, 26 April 2012

Len Brown pays his dues...

Len Brown asks forgiveness and is refused

Ever seen a rat leave a sinking ship…no. ever seen a prostitute cutting a deal on the street…no, ever dealt with a financial whiz kid selling you a Ponzi deal…no. That proves that you haven’t lived in Auckland.
Well Cathy Casey is an Auckland City Councillor and she fully understands sinking ships, street prostitution and Ponzi deals. Because one time so-called left-wing Mayor Len Brown displayed many of the fundamental characteristics of all three when he voted against her motion to oppose government legislation that will allow Shy City 500 more one armed bandits [pokies].
  • Brown was like a rat leaving the sinking ship as he switched sides and climbed in to bed with Steven Joyce.
  • He also acted like a street walker when he took $15.000 from Sky City for future services and for $15.000 bucks they demanded and got the full treatment
  • Brown also joined the ranks of the Ponzi dealers when he, by his vote, allowed his rate payer citizens to be ripped off just to please NZ’s biggest gambling rip-off artists Sky City and their wee mate John Key.
I would not be surprised if John Banks was in the same cheap hotel room just across from Sky City…when Brown was paying his dues

Len Brown that once front man for the Problem Gambling Foundation after the vote must have visited the men’s toilets and been massively ill, at least I hope he was. I suppose now we can truly say that he and John Banks are living together in sin, because John Banks has publicly stated that he is against pokie machines yet he too like Brown took Sky City’s dirty money. The motion was lost by 12 votes to four.
A date for Brown’s political memorial service will be announced shortly.

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