Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Delete TALLEY's Products from your shopping list!

Fighting Talleys Mafia style hit squad. 

On Wednesday I joined striking and locked out workers from AFFCO Feilding’s plant as they mounted their picket line yet again. The weather was cold and wet, but their spirit was strong, as was their resolution and solidarity for the battle they have been fighting against the meanest and greediest employer in NZ. 

“Talley’s” who are really a $500 million dollar family living in three mansions in Nelson and who are hell bent on power, greed and excess wealth. They’ve made their wealth off the backs of their employees but are unwilling to allow those employees their legal rights.

The legal right to collectively bargain and to belong to a union may be law, but the Talley Brothers are a law unto themselves. The Talley brothers hate unions and they donated big bucks to heaps of National Party Candidates and now they want their demands met, they want a pay back for those donations. But the evidence is obvious for all to see. Until Talley Brothers got 100% ownership of AFFCO industrial relations were managed on a good faith basis.

They are nothing more than an industrial mafia hit squad practicing a style of industrial relations that leads to a total corruption of the human aspects of relationships.

Put simply Talley’s stinks…and we should stop buying their products. If Talleys win the right to crush workers by destroying their representatives then who will be next, already the Nats are changing industrial law to suit Talley’s, is it because of their donations…after the Nats sold out NZ Law to please Warner Brothers we should not be surprised to learn that Talleys are the NZ equivalent to Warner Brothers…STOP BUYING TULLEY’S PRODUCTSDon’t let the name “Talley” contaminate your super-market trolley

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